2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA – All Information Here!

2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA

This article gives you crucial details about an address and a related house that has become trending for a few reason.

Who wouldn’t want to have an exotic house surrounded by mesmerizing scenery and filled with top-notch features and facilities? Buying their dream house is a goal many of us aim to fulfil.

A related house at an address is recently gaining popularity for a few reasons. this text will reveal all the small print about 2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA.

We’ll mention all the crucial details about it, like its features, pricing, among other details. This term is primarily gaining popularity and generating some traction within the concerned country, the us , where this address is found .

A Few Words about 2652 Bent Spur Drive

As evident from the term, it appears to be an address. However, further investigation and research reveal that a top-quality home is located at this address that was on sale.

It has gained some popularity and generated some users’ interest. It’s an upscale house that gives many features and specialties.

Why is 2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA trending?

  • Taking a look at the term doesn’t reveal much about it.
  • However, the term seems like an address.
  • We researched extensively and were ready to find that there’s a house at this location within the us .
  • Many websites offer details about this home.
  • We cannot discuss what may have led to the recognition of this term.
  • But, if you’re interested, there’s no shortage of images and videos of this beautiful house; you’ll find them easily.
  • The house looks brilliant and is surrounded by some lush greenery and great scenery.

Some Details about 2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA

  • According to sources, this home is an award-winning custom with some great views.
  • Bel Air architect Martin Gelber designed the house.
  • The overall area of this property is claimed to be 3.66 acres.
  • Its pricing is additionally within the range of $700,000 to 1,000,000 dollars because it was sold in 2020.
  • The house has glass doors with open floors.
  • It has a driveway with many trees that leads up to a hilltop house.
  • It has two master suites to form the living experience grand.
  • It also has elegant windows, doors and three fireplaces to relax.
  • The house’s outdoor area at 2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA is additionally fully equipped with a pool, sit-in barbeque, etc.
  • Talking about parking, this house has many space to accommodate all of your vehicles.
  • A barn and pasture area also are included within the house.
  • The house has an adobe-style couch and sun-drenched skylights, bar, grills, sub-zero fridge, etc.

Final Thought

A house at an address has recently been getting some traction. we’ve mentioned all the relevant information about it above.

What does one consider this house? does one think that this house would qualify to be many people’s dream house? What does one consider the pricing and features of the house at 2652 Bent Spur Drive Acton CA? Why does one think it’s become trending? Please share all of your thoughts and opinions with us within the comments; we’re looking forward thereto .

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