711 Free Slurpee Day 2022 – Know All Details Here!

711 Free Slurpee Day 2022

Read the 711 Free Slurpee Day 2022 article for complete information on how to get rid of Free Slurpee on Slurpee Day.

Good news for dessert lovers to get a free drink. Children and the elderly are eagerly waiting for 711 days. Do you want to know the details of the Silver Day celebrations? Want to know how to get Free Slurpee? Next, we’re here to give you details about the 711 Slurpee Day. Read articles without interruption.

People in the United States and Canada are very excited to get rid of the summer heat with cool silverware. Let’s take a look at the details of celebrating Free Silver Day 711 in Canada for 2022.

National Day:

July 11th is the National Silver Day every year. 7 Eleven was proud to celebrate the end of a hot summer’s day with an ice cold drink in assorted flavours.

Canada ranks first in Slurpee sales, at about 30 million per year. After the return of Slurpee Day, which has been canceled for the past two years due to pandemics, 7 Eleven stores have announced free Slurpee to their customers. For the first time, the offer was available at all 7 Eleven, Strips and Speedway stores. Consumers doubt whether 7-11 delivers free 2022 silver coins?

More About This Day:

7 Eleven stores have officially announced that it’s their 95th birthday, so they’ve decided to please their customers around the world with a free Slurpee to make their day cool. You can get Slurpee for free everywhere except Hawaii except places.

Marissa Jarrett, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at 7Eleven, said she is excited to celebrate the birthday of the Slurpee Drink on all of its banners. You can redeem the offer in-store or through 7NOW delivery on July 11th.

Most of the users are amazed at this offer and search online Is Slurpee Day free on 711? We are here to answer their question and find out how to get rid of Slurpee for free.

How To Redeem?

You can earn free Slurpee online or with the app. Users need to download 7 Eleven or Speedway app from Google Play Store or App Store. If not, you can use it online at Speedyrewards.com or 7Rewards.com.

Consumers are provided with small Slurpee beverage cups that are used to refill after a drink. You can refill Slurpee for just $1 per cup.


Launched 7 of 11 consumer snacks stores. All snacks are available for 1 den for the day. Food products are included in the price list below;

  • 10 mini tacos – 1 dollar
  • Cake Ring – $1
  • Pizza slices – $1
  • Cakes – 1 dollar

Lots of offers on premium drinks and chocolates. Huge selection of different flavours, perhaps from 300 sweet to sour flavours. Sweet flavors include vanilla and 7 ingredients, and sour flavors include warhead and sour apple. Exotic flavors include mango, lychee, and more. People are amazed by the variety of performances.

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Final Words:

The 711 Free Slurry Day 2022 article provides information on Free Slurpi and how to take advantage of this pricing offer.

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