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Will you like to earn as a narrator? Then, as given below, please look at the article and learn about the authenticity of the website.

Are you a competent freelancer? Nowadays, how much money do you make? If you do so, then as people are searching for something to win, this post is all for you. The website is all about audiobook freelancing, and freelancers have such a great chance to earn some extra bucks by doing homework.

As they want to become part of it, the people of the United States are searching for some more information about this forum. We then come up with all of the site details and dig into the site below.


It is a web-based platform for narrators who may or may not have any expertise that is available. Audible, an ecommerece company, owns the website, which offers an opportunity for all narrators to appear for projects in audiobooks.

If you do not have enough experience yet, the platform is a trustworthy choice. For the United States, the website is all free, and the sign-up process won’t charge you even a single penny and start auditioning as you want.

Let us, via Feedback, dive into the specifics of the website.

Modes to get paid by

With this web-based site, there are three great ways to get paid while you work as a narrator. That are like the following:

  1. PFH (Per-finished-hour, which is a flat-rate charge for the entire book.)
  2. Share of Royalty (You will get fifty-fifty rights either from the rights holder or the author.)
  3. Share of Royalty plus (It is an amalgamation of PFH and Royalty Share)

You need to sign up once to earn or to participate in auditions, collect equipment, set up everything in a peaceful location and make some audio samples.

Is It Legit?

We find that is twenty-six years old, after discovering the website through these articles, and it has been such a long time. It was launched during the 1994-07-19 span.

The website, however, is a legitimate forum and it is used by people, but the reviews are very disappointing. You should explore it absolutely and then decide whether or not to spend time exploring the reviews.

User Reviews

Mixed feedback on the various websites is available. After recording it for such a long time, individuals are not pleased with a denial of the audiobook, and often, the T&C of the contract is not in favor of the customer. On the other hand, as we find from the Feedback, some individuals earn from the same site.

Wrap Up

After getting into all the platform’s ins and outs, we find that the site is in operation for the past twenty-six years and it has more than 1,855 books as enlisted. In addition, the site is overwhelmed with work and offers a golden opportunity to engage in audiobook projects.

However, after completing the entire work, almost all negative answers about the platform, such as contract terms and rejection, are recorded. Thus, we recommend that you explore the web once and study all the feedback of the users, then go for it.

After reading all of the reviews, what are your thoughts on using this platform? In the comments box as given below, please share your feedback.

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