Among Us Cosmic Cubes – Know About New Features!

Cosmic Cubes are adding a new flavor to the gameplay in Among Us Cosmic Cubes. See how to Buy, Access, and Use them.

Among Us is recently added with cosmic cube bundles and tracks. These bundles can be used to unlock skins, nameplates, and other items in Among Us. In addition, the character profile can be enhanced by using these cosmic cubes.

These cubes work as stars and beans in the game. The stars can be bought in the store, whereas the beans can be earned by playing the game. Among Us Cosmic Cubes feature puts a premium on the popularity and extensive users’ gamut of Among Us in the United States.

What is Among Us? How to Play It?

Among Us is an online game based on the science-fiction film The Thing. The theme is social deduction with the ultra climax in space. The game is developed by Innersloth and runs on Android, IOS, Windows and will release on PlayStations in December 2021. As this is a social deduction game where players attempt to uncover each other’s hidden role, Among Us Cosmic Cubes is a multiplayer game that could be played in teams of four to fifteen players. In the starting, the data has to be installed by the users. 

To help the crewmates in the identification of impostors, certain cameras for vigilance could be accessed. If a Crewmate dies, he would become a ghost and could see or pass through walls and talk with other ghosts. A meeting can be called at any time by a living player whenever a dead body is reported. Players can communicate in chats with some predefined phrases for Android users. 

Among Us Cosmic Cubes: Customization and Reception

The users can customize the aspects of gameplay in the game’s lobby. The movement speed, number of tasks, visual tasks, and people in the emergency meeting can be customized accordingly. Individual accessories like cosmetics, spacesuit colors, hats, and skins can also be modified and customized. 

The game was not very popular in 2018 when it was released. It was only in 2020 that the game experienced a surge after many online promoters were given the responsibility of promoting it. Covid-19 can also be one of the causes of the increased popularity from mind-2020 to this day. Moreover, memes are also big contributors to augmented popularity, especially through YouTube and TikTok. 

New Updates on Cosmic Cubes 

Here, Among Us Cosmic Cubes are an online store where one can purchase things for one’s avatar in the game. Visions, pets, and bundles, among other things, can be purchased. With this, the virtual financial system of the game has been rearranged. Now, there are two currencies in the game-Stars and Beans. Cosmic Cubes are assigned to a specific type of item. The cube has to be activated before gaining them in gameplay. 


Cosmic Cubes can customize the gameplay in Among Us to an even larger extent. To activate a cosmic cube, the player has to select it in the store of Among Us . The cosmic cubes are available for different prices. The premium one costs 70 stars. If you are purchasing through beans, they are available starting from 2000 beans. Among Us Cosmic Cubes features are now available, and you can access them before playing your next round. To know more, visit How to Unlock Cosmic Cubes in Among Us  

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