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Ballsarah Com Reviews – Know The Legitimacy Inside Here!

Ballsarah Com Reviews

The article about BallSarah com Reviews contains the essential details to see the website’s legitimacy and assist you to make a decision while purchasing.

In today’s post, we are getting to review the very fresh website name ball Sarah com. There are numerous e-commerce websites from the us we don’t realize . Before buying anything from these websites, we must need to know which website is real. So to understand more about the websites, people’s reviews are getting to help most. So we are here with some useful information about the web site and Ballsarah com Reviews.

First, we’ve to understand what’s the web site and other essential details.

About Ballsarah

This website is us online portal that gives many useful household things at different prices. they need kitchen tools sort of a solar cooler, kitchen closet, and furniture like foldable sofa, shoe cabinet, foldable wireless tents, foldable desk, bumper boat.

They even have bicycles, scooters for teenagers , and guitars with different colors and costs . They claimed that each one the merchandise manufacturing with good quality material and therefore the price range is very reasonable.

Now let’s check the more details of the location that’s Ballsarah com Legit or make fool to innocent people.


  • Website Type – it’s an e-commerce site that deals with various products.
  • Portal Address- The portal connection is
  • Contact Number- Not available
  • Email Address- [email protected]
  • Physical Address- :420 Prospectors Pt,Grand Junction,state of Coronado. (But, it’s merely a street address)
  • Payment Method – Different payment options are available like Pay Pal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and find out .
  • Delivery – Shipped within 10-20 business days.
  • Exchange Policy- consistent with Ballsarah com Reviews, the exchange is out there , but if the tag is discarded, it won’t be accepted.
  • Returning Time Limit- Should be returned within 14 days.
  • Refund- Within seven days.
  • Presence of Social Media- Social media icon isn’t present.


  • Their connection is protected and secured by HTTPS protocol.
  • Exchanging of products is out there but with tags.


  • No product reviews or reviews about the web site itself.
  • Physical Address and Email Address both are invalid.
  • Low trust index score.
  • Social media accounts aren’t available.

Is Ballsarah com Legit?

Our customer’s main question is that the web site is legit or not? As you’ll see, the web site hasn’t given full information regarding the owner, and also they didn’t provide customer care no. So allow us to check all the legitimacy pointers below.

  • Portal Age- the web site was created less than 11 days ago. it had been registered on 9th August 2021.
  • Portal Score – it’s got only a tenth trust score which may be a very poor score.
  • Website Ranking – It doesn’t have any ranking.
  • Reviews- because the website is extremely new, it doesn’t have any reviews of its website or their products.
  • Ballsarah com Reviews – no customer reviews are found anywhere.
  • Content Plagiarism- the knowledge available within the About Us page section seems to possess 92% plagiarized content.
  • Brand Details- There seems to be no information available regarding their brand or their company.
  • Address Check- they need only given a address and not their real address.
  • Social Media Link-No social media link available.

So, these above points make it pretty clear that BallSarah may be a scam website. But, we still need to discuss some points further. So, keep it up reading the article.

Ballsarah com Reviews

Only two products of the web site have people reviews. There are only positive reviews which will make us suspicious about the web site . People write on sofa and shoes ranks only. Then we check the social media platform of the location but couldn’t found any social media and social media reviews. So, this website can’t be trusted. So, it’d be a risk to pay through Paypal as you’re cognizant of the Paypal scam.


The site offering free shipping with each to draw in the customer; however, the purchasers remember

some points that the web site is extremely fresh and has less information. And even have no proper review.

The trust score is awful, plus no social media profile, so we advise our customers to rethink before buying

anything from the location . So, you’ve got got your answer on BallSarah com Reviews.

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