Batman Who Laughs Fortnite – Read To Know Here!

This article offers information on Batman Who Laughs Fortnite, a new item in the game as part of a collaboration.

The online game Fortnite needs no introduction. Even if you aren’t an enthusiastic gamer, you’ve likely heard of this platform. Some experts called this game a cultural phenomenon, and the massive popularity and the enormous active user base reflect that claim. 

Fortnite also partners up with some leading names to bring new top-notch items to their games. For example, they’ve recently partnered up with DC Comics, and the item Batman Who Laughs Fortnite has become somewhat viral.

Users in the United StatesCanadaMexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia are curious to know more about this item. Keep reading this article to obtain all the relevant information.

Who is Batman?

Batman is an immensely popular superhero and comic book character in DC Comics. Artists Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger are credited with the creation of this iconic superhero. 

The character debuted back in 1939 in the comics and is now counted among the most popular comic book characters and superheroes. 

What is Batman Who Laughs Fortnite?

  • If you’re familiar with Batman, you should know that he’s usually depicted as a dark and brooding character, and you won’t find him smiling on many occasions. Furthermore, he rarely ever smiles in his superhero suit.
  • That’s why this item is amusing to users, and they’re keen to get it.
  • The skin will be available as a part of the Fortnite and DC Comics collaboration called the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation.
  • In this one-shot comic, Batman will face off against The Foundation, an original mysterious Fortnite character.
  • Batman Who Laughs Fortnite is a skin available through this collaboration.
  • The comic will focus on a different and darker take on The Batman and not the one you’ve seen in comics and movies.

How To Get This Skin In The Game?

  • This collaboration will focus on a darker and more villainous Batman who’s been fused with The Joker and infected with the Joker toxin.
  • This skin will be available in the Item Shop of Fortnite – 26 & 27 October in some regions.
  • Users who purchase this comic will also be able to get their hands on Batman Who Laughs Fortnite, along with some other items.
  • Batman/Fortnite: Foundation Comic will be released on October 26. It would consist of a code that players can use to get various items, including this skin.
  • Please note that these codes will be available till 12 November, 2025, hence, make sure to use them before this period.
  • Read more about this collaboration here. 

The Bottom Line

Fortnite always goes all out when it comes to collaborating with popular franchises and brands. The same is evident from the newly announced Batman/Fortnite: Foundation comic book. Many items have also been released to support this comic, including the Batman Who Laughs Fortnite skin. 

So, what do you think of Batman and Fortnite? Kindly share your thoughts on this new release in the comments.

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