Bcbssettlement.com Legit – Read To Know All Details Here!

The guide shares details to help readers know is Bcbssettlement.com Legit or a scam before filing a claim.  

With the increasing number of malicious activities and scams online, it is easy for people to ignore the notice about participating in the class action settlement from Blue Shield or Blue Cross. Unfortunately, many people are treating the notice as junk mail and ignoring it. 

But, it is a real deal, and eligible participants can receive a payment from a settlement fund of $2.6 billion. The settlement funds curtail a class action anti-trust law from the United States District Council for Northern District Alabama.      

But, many people want to know if Bcbssettlement.com Legit?

About the Anti-Trust Lawsuit Settlement

The settlement was raised due to a class action anti-trust lawsuit referred to as Blue Cross Shield Antitrust MDL 2406, ND Ala. The settlement is sent on behalf of the companies and individuals who bought the health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield Company. 

The settlement was reached on 16th Oct 2020 with the insurance company. The class action settlement case was registered because plaintiffs allege the insurance company for violating antitrust laws by signing an agreement with other companies and ensuring not to compete with each other and restrict the competition in selling health insurance.

So, the settlement is not a scam. 

Is Bcbssettlement.com Legit or Scam?

Bcbssettlement.com is the legit portal where the eligible plaintiffs of the class action settlement can file a claim after getting the notice in their email. 

The website is designed for those eligible participants in the United States who have purchased health insurance from Blue Cross and want to file a claim and get paid when the count approves the settlement.

Bcbssettlement.com is the official Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement Website, and hence it can’t be a scam. So, people who are getting a notice to file a claim at Bcbssettlement.com are a real deal. 

People are asking if Bcbssettlement.com Legit or scam must know that it is a legit portal, and eligible participants are urged to visit the website to file a claim under the class action settlement.  

How Many Funds to Expect from the Settlement?

As per the class action settlement lawsuit, the defendants are alleged for antitrust conduct that caused the enrollees and subscribers to spend more on administrative services and insurances. But, the defendants deny all the allegations. 

However, if the settlement is approved in court, the participants can expect to receive a payment from approx $2.67 billion settlement funds. But, eligible residents have to file a claim on Bcbssettlement.com. So, if you have received any notice for the class action settlement, don’t ignore it as it is real and sent from Bcbssettlement.com Legit website. It is the only source to file your claim by participating in the class-action lawsuit. 


If you are eligible for the class action lawsuit and received a notice from Bcbssettlement.com, don’t ignore it as it is real, and you can file your claim on the website. You have to see your eligibility before filing a claim on the website. 

If the court approves the settlement fund, eligible participants can get a payment from the settlement funds. So please don’t ignore the notice you received from the Bcbssettlement.com Legit portal, which is the official website of Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement

Are you eligible for the class action settlement? Would you mind mentioning in the comment section how you filed your claim? Moreover, you may learn here how to stay protected from online scams.

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