Best place to Check Location, TimeZone Area Codes 619

A 619 area code is a part of a phone number that indicates the general area where the phone receiving the call is located. The segment comes before and next to the local number and the access and country codes. In contrast to the local number, which must always be dialed in its entirety, this portion does typically not need to be dialed if the cell number is in the same region as the number creating the call.

The difference between country code and region code:

To contact a phone line somewhere else in the country, you must first dial the +1 or state code. When a call is made between phone numbers registered in the matching geographic region, that is, two numbers with the same region code, it is generally unnecessary. The one(1) preceding digits is the country region for Canada and the US, which is different for other nations.

Area codes direct a call to a more significant geographic region, including many towns and large cities. On the other hand, they typically have multiple area codes. Area codes are divided into two categories. Number one is toll-free, and the second is local. The area code 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 area code, and 800 are toll-free; all other principles are local.

There is the 900 area code which stands for a pay-per-call or toll number, which numerous of us recall as the pretty prominent area code.

Know about the spam phone numbers:

If the caller ID says spam or suspected spam caller, the call is spam. You have the option of blocking and reporting the number or answering the call. You can make a mistake if a call from someone you know is tagged as spam.

Best and easy way to block an area code:

Users who have Android phones in their hands now can restrict and enable cell phone number ranges as of App version 1.5. That means you now can quickly ban spam calls from a specific area or exchange codes if you systematically receive them. Below are the instructions for Android users on how to block a particular area code or a range of numbers:

Step 1- Select the block or allow the screen option.

Step 2- To add a new number or range to block, use the + button.

Step 3- to block a range of telephone numbers rather than a single number, Tap the Here option at the bottom of the screen.

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Step 4- Type in the number range you want to block, for example, +1732, + 1732444; RoboKiller will ban any telephone calls that match that rangeiller once you have selected a range of numbers you’d like to block.

On the other hand, if you always want to receive calls from a specific range of phone numbers because you know they are not spam, you may add that range to RoboKiller as an approved range, removing those cell numbers from your block list.

Avoid dialing these area codes:

Criminals frequently use codes from the Caribbean area to commit the ring and run one-ring scams. Many of these territories and nations have the same country key as the US; therefore, telephone numbers from this area may appear domestic. According to Inc. magazine, the addition of countless new region codes over the last two decades has made it trouble-free than ever for crooks to confuse which phone lines are domestic and which are not.

It suggested to stay away from calls from the following international area digits with a +1 country code unless you are sure they are legitimate:

No       Code   Area

1          232      Sierra Leone

2          242      Bahamas

3          246      Barbados

4          284      British Virgin Islands

5          268      Barbuda and Antigua

6          345      Cayman Islands

7          441      Bermuda

8          473      Carriacou, Petite Martinique, and Grenada

Find out what area code is your:

Step 1- Go to and log in.

Step 2- As specified below, go to profile settings and my profile.

Step 3- Select the PAN card, which will let out all details, including the area code, AO number, AO type range code, and jurisdiction.

These are the methods that assist you in finding out your area code.


Telephone ministries that oversee large-scale telecommunication infrastructure, such as a country, frequently divide the territory into geographic divisions. It promotes autonomous control by administrative or historical subdivisions of the area of lands, such as states and provinces. A route code is assigned to each subdivision area in the numbering plan. The concept was first created in the 1940s when the bell system in the US was preparing a nationwide numbering scheme for operator toll dialing and direct distance dialing. This system resulted in the North American numbering plan for world zone 1. AT and T separated Canada and the US into numbering plan areas and issued each one a three-numeral prefix. This numbering plan code becomes known as the numbering plan areas code or simply in short form. Each telephone number issued in its service area has a prefixed area code.

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