Bona Fide Masks Reviews – Is It Legit Or Another Scam Website?

Bona Fide Masks Reviews

This post will help you to understand the validity of the website that sells different products for virus security.

Are you searching for a store where accessories such as a face mask, sanitizers, PPE kit, etc. can be found? If you are, then please don’t miss these reviews of Bona Fide Masks.

This review article will inform you about the online store containing a wide variety of collections of Covid-19 products, such as a face mask, sanitizers, PPE kits, face shield, gloves, etc. The store is located in the United States and its high-quality goods have received a lot of popularity.

As we all know, Covid-19 isn’t gone yet, so it’s best to wear a mask and follow all of the rules.

But, are the Bona Fide masks legitimate? Let us start to learn more about it.

About Bona Fide Mask Website

The e-commerce website that is based in the United States is Bona Fide Masks. On 4/04/2020, this store went into action to provide its customers with genuine goods to help them remain safe.

In addition, face shields, sanitizers, PPE packs, no-touch thermometers, and UV light sanitizers are the items that the Bona Fide store carries, etc. Each product sold by Bona Fide Masks is designed to escape human contact in a way. If you are shopping for the hospital, you can also bulk purchase from the supermarket. Compared to its other rivals, Bona Fide Masks has kept its prices modest.

Please read these Bona Fide Masks Reviews until the end if you are looking for a medically approved face mask.

A comprehensive overview of each product has been provided by the Bona Fide Masks store so that you can understand its use and can learn about it. Trademarks and logos are the entire collection to prove its originality. Those who are still not pleased with the store and its deals will then continue to read these reviews as we have a lot more to disclose about the store.

Specifications Of Bona Fide Mask

  • Website URL:
  • Products: Covid 19 accessories such as face mask, sanitizers, and thermometer, etc
  • Domain creation date: 04/04/2020
  • Contact number: 914-664-7500
  • Official Address: 741 S. Fulton Ave.Mount Vernon, NY 10550
  • Email address: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Sale: Available
  • Newsletter: Available
  • Transportation charges: depends on the item.
  • Transportation duration: 2-3 business days
  • Refund: not specified
  • Return or exchange of item: not specified
  • Order tracking ID/ Link: not specified
  • Order cancellation: not specified
  • Warranty/ guaranty: not specified
  • Payment method: American Express, Mastercard, DISCOVER, PayPal, VISA and Gpay

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Is Bona Fide Mask Legit?

Bona Fide Masks is the online store that offers 19 safety kits and numerous other products such as face covers, UV light sanitizers, thermometers, and PPE kits, etc. In addition, there are quality items in the shop. To ensure the authenticity of the products, you can check the logos and trademarks.

We have, however, noticed five-star scores and consumer feedback on the platform and website. Because of this, the Bona Fide Masks store seems legitimate to us, too.


  • It is backed by https and is therefore safe and secured.
  • Includes a wide variety of safety kits and other accessories for Covid 19.
  • It provides products that are original and efficient in quality at fair prices.
  • On its Facebook page, we’ve found good customer feedback and ratings.
  • It keeps all of its contact-related data on it.


  • It received a 33 percent confidence ranking.
  • His domain name is eleven months old.

Customer Reviews

On the internet and website, we have noticed numerous customer reviews where individuals have shared their delightful experience. Some people said that the consistency of the PPE kit and the mask is outstanding in preparation, while others said that the store keeps excellent items and will purchase more from them in the future.

Therefore, regarding the Bona Fide Masks store, we have found encouraging customer reactions.

Wrap Up

We concluded that Bona Fide Masks is the legit store after reviewing all the criteria, as it has positive customer feedback, an informative user interface, and appropriate search results. But also, to ensure the credibility of the website, we recommend you cross-check everything from your end and go through all the customer feedback for the good result or outcome.

What is your website experience? In the comments sections of these Bona Fide Masks Reviews, please post your responses.

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