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Shinjuu is Never Lonely is the name of Chapter 95. It is from the 6th volume of the manga series consisting of eight pages released in the United States and Japan. Kafka Asagiri wrote the series. The manga series was written on the concept that the Armed Detective Agency is fighting supernatural forces to protect Yokohama. 

Do you know why the tagline – I’d like to try that snack, was given to Bungou Stray Dogs 95 Chapter? Let’s look at the details below.

The plot of BSD 95 Chapter:

Kenji is shown having casual interaction with Akiko, who was munching on a plate full of fruits. Kenji asks Akiko if the food was delicious? But, Akiko makes fun by saying the fruit tart looks like dog food. As it was the last one in the store, she had to purchase it. The chapter showed Kenji’s mouth was watering. On seeing saliva dropping from the mouth of Kenji, Akiko agrees to share half the fruit tart platter with him. 

Kenji’s abilities in Bungou Stray Dogs 95 Chapter:

Kenji knew that to use her abilities; she should not eat anything. In the meantime, Kun enters the room with freshly baked bread and bakery items. Kun delightfully says that master Uzumaki had sent us a treat today. Kun makes fun of Kenji by saying – I should have known that you are fasting. Kenji tries to ignore the tasty delight and says she was in the office to handle supplies arriving today. Akiko asked Ayotsushi to take care of the stock that was coming. Ayotsushi, with hesitation, agrees. Akiko looks at Ayotsushi in Bungou Stray Dogs 95 Chapter and tells Kenji to eat the treat. Ayotsushi says to Kenji that he can handle the stock on his own. 

Kenji feels happy and starts eating tasty bakery items and conveys thanks to Ayotsushi. The chapter shows Kenji had eaten a stomach full of meals, and her belly had swollen. Finally, the stocks had arrived. Ayotsushi hands over a box full of lettuce to Kenji and says that the store is from his hometown. The chapter ends with Kenji happily imagining that she will use lettuce in the Bungou Stray Dogs 95 Chapter as it was a tax for her hometown.

There is no action (or) fights in this chapter. The chapter focused on the day-to-day life of characters while they are in the office.


Chapter 95 is a fun-filled release that shows Ayotsushi and Kun making fun of Kenji. It shows how Kenji is eager to have his meal as his mouth is watering and how Akiko handles the situation by assigning Kenji’s duty to Ayotsushi by looking into his eyes, giving a visual caution. 

Did you know that BSD Chapter 95 got a rating of 4.5/10? Let us know your views on Bungou Stray Dogs 95 Chapter.

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