Bychari Review ( An E-commerce Store For Elegant Handmade Jewelry

Bychari is an online jewelry store that sells handmade jewelry pieces that are both elegant and stylish. Bychari has made its mark in the industry and is adored by celebrities and common women alike.

Bychari Reviews

Bychari.Com: A Detailed Review

Many women take pride in owning and wearing beautiful jewelry pieces. Ancient women loved jewelry as much as modern women do.

The great thing about wearing jewelry is that it’s never out of vogue. Statement and classic pieces are timeless assets that are forever in fashion.

Women around the world take their jewelry game seriously because it’s not just a piece of stone, but it also represents your personality.

If you want to grow your jewelry collection and want to hand it down to your next generation, bychari is the perfect place to shop.

In this detailed Bychari review, we will discuss if Bychari is a legit brand. We will also consider if it is worth your money or not.

So let’s dig in.

What Is Unique About This Store?

For a jewelry piece to last through generations, you have to hunt and test many different pieces. Hermes and Tiffany are indeed all great jewelry brands that people take pride in, but not everyone can afford them.

Thankfully, brands like Bychari jewelry are a lifesaver in this situation.

The market is full of countless designs of jewelry. Still, when it comes down to elegant handmade jewelry with a timeless design, Bychari is a top jewelry brand to consider.

Bychari is a handmade jewelry brand that is a reflection of the designer Chari Cuthbert’s lifestyle. Each item is simple and elegant, making it a perfect piece to compliment any dress you wear.

Be it classic necklaces, pretty rings, or sophisticated earrings- bychari jewelry designs are a valuable addition for your jewelry box. If you want an heirloom, what better than a gold necklace with its refined design?

Bychari is not just any store. It is a highly acclaimed store and is worn by celebrities like Kate Hudson, Aimee Song, and many others.

It has been featured in Elle, yahoo’s life, and many other major publications for its attractive and diversified jewelry line.

Bychari is a brand that is affordable for every woman. From the casual wear to the luxury collection and statement pieces- you will find something beautiful that meets your budget.

Is It Legit or Scam? is a legit store. It has been in business for 11 years, and this is more than enough time for a company to establish a good reputation.

According to Alexa, the website has a lot of traffic, which is a good sign. The payment method used by Bychari supports the money-back guarantee, so there is that option too.

Bychari is operating with a secure HTTPs connection, which means it is encrypted, and your data is secured from third party attacks.

Apart from that, Bychari is quite a famous brand, and the internet is swamped with lots of positive reviews.

Apart from that, it has been featured in numerous publications and is quite old too. All these signs point toward one thing: Bychari is absolutely legit.

Who Is The Owner?

Bychari is a black-owned business by designer Chari Cuthbert. She established Bychari in 2012 and made it into a brand that is worn proudly by many women across the globe.

Chari has traveled around the world and found simple yet elegant high-quality jewelry attractive. She is a big fan of timeless heirlooms, so she turned her idea into reality and launched ByChari jewelry brand.

Her jewelry items are handmade in Los Angeles by herself and her team members who are committed to bringing unique and classic designs that are forever green and in fashion.

How Is Customer Service?

Numerous customers seem satisfied with Bychari customer service. They have a live chat option to reach them instantly from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM, excluding weekends.

They also have a telephone number through which you can contact them.

Apart from that, there are two email addresses available for queries and inquiries.

All in all, bychari customer service seems satisfactory.  They are doing an excellent job of keeping their customers happy and satisfied.

Is There Any Social Media Presence?

Bychari has a substantial social media presence. It is a famous brand with a significant social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.

On Instagram, they have more than 150k followers. The customer response on their page is highly positive, and people just love their jewelry.

Their Facebook page also has some 6k likes. Although we couldn’t find the review option on the Facebook page, the page seems legit.

How Old Is Bychari.Com?


  • Simple and sexy handmade jewelry
  • Endorsed by celebrities
  • Established brand
  • Featured in many major online magazines
  • Affordable as well as luxurious pieces available
  • Ships internationally
  • Custom made designs available
  • Used legit payment services that offer a money-back guarantee
  • Tons of positive reviews by customers


  • No return or exchange offer

Customer Reviews

Bychari is an authentic brand worn and endorsed by celebrities. The praise for Bychari designs can be found on the internet easily.

Many bloggers and influencers love Bychari design and have worn it proudly.

Wrap Up

With its stylish, simple, and classic jewelry design, Bychari is a brand that is worth its salt. If you are looking to add some valuable designs to your jewelry collection, you should give Bychari a chance.

Our Bychari review is based on facts and in-depth research. This store is legit as it is 11 years old and has a strong social media presence. Not to mention that Bychari has been recommended by top fashion magazines too.

All this is proof enough that Bychari jewelry is a genuine brand and is ideal for people looking for gifts or just another timeless piece to add to their jewelry stash.

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