Celebrations Dark Gyarados – Know Here!

This article is about the Celebrations Dark Gyarados card set released to mark the 25th-anniversary celebration of the Pokemon game.

Have you played Pokemon online video games earlier? Are you also taking part in the celebration of the game events? Do you also have various collections of cards from the Pokemon game?

If not, then you can collect them as the Pokemon Company is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

They have various cards on the list. Pokemon TCG is famous among worldwide players, especially in the United States.

We will know about the Celebrations Dark Gyarados card and more details in the following post.

What is Pokemon TCG?

Pokemon TCG or Pokemon Trading Card game is based on a card collection game, and Media Factory was first released in October 1996 in Japan.

Pokemon TCG Online is an official video game version released in 2011 and developed by Dire Wolf Digital. The game is available to install on iOS, MS Window, Android platforms.

According to the latest announcement in September 2021, the Trading Card Game Live will replace the existing game. Hence, it will no longer be available for the aforementioned platforms, but the account remains transferable upon release. Let us see about the 25th Celebrations Dark Gyarados and other cards.

About the 25th Anniversary celebration:

While celebrating its 25th Anniversary, Pokemon gives a chance to explore the past and evolving history since 1996 with notable cards. Every development is unique, and they want you to explore their classic collection of cards that are not available anywhere else.

Marking the Anniversary, Pokemon comes with a collection spotlight on the game’s most remarkable flashes and Pokemon. Additionally, to make it memorable, a brand new set called “Celebration” has been published for the players of the TCG series.

It contains copies of the most favorite cards in the group, including Celebrations Dark Gyarados, Charizard, Pikachu, Ho-oh, Mew, etc. These cards have been reprinted with an upgraded holographic coating and the silver jubilee logo.

The series is divided into the main and the sub-set. Altogether there are 50 cards divided into 25 new Celebration cards and 25 from the older reprinted ones. The celebration pack comes in a booster pack with four cards, and you may get one sub-set card.

The special celebratory booster packs contain additional bonuses like coins, characters, and other Sword & Shield Series booster bundles. The anniversary set was released yesterday, i.e., on October 8th, 2021.

Detail of Celebrations Dark Gyarados:

It is a celebration set from a classic collection of type water. The Rarity is Holo Rare, and the retreat cost is Colorless. Dark Gyarados is one of the most iconic Pokemon who is normally found in the deep ocean. However, it has recently been seen in shallow water as well.

Toss a coin when an attack knocks out a dark Gyarados. This power deals 20 damage to the Pokémon who knocked out Dark Gyarados for each water energy tied to it. Use resistance and weakness to your advantage. If Dark Gyarados is sleepy, disoriented, or immobilized, this power will not work.


Though Celebrations Dark Gyarados was not the most demanded card from the set, it is iconic in the first generation of Pokemon cards. In recent years, the popularity of the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) has taken card prices to skyrocket.

If you like to have other cards see celebrations galleries. 

What was your first Pokemon card? Tell us in the comment section below which Celebrations Set you are planning to get your hands on.

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