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Shop the latest online fashion for women at a low cost and check out how reliable or not the store is.

One of the many reasons why individuals are informed is Reviews. Many new online stores are now trying to attract customers to tempt internet distributors, so old sites are responsible.

One of those sites with a range of latest fashion and running for the past decade is From the comfort of their couch, buyers can now purchase apparel styles from anywhere. If the prices are low, and the range is excellent, that’s why buyers shop from the United States or globally from here.

So let’s check out more details about the online store below.

About Chime. Com

Reviews from say that the U.S. website registered the domain first in 2007 and has been running since then. The company’s aim is to bring happiness into the lives of every woman. Thousands of fashion styles are made possible by shopping sites and hundreds of regular style updates are created. An extensive list of manufacturers is provided by the online fashion store to supply various styles of apparel. Buyers can therefore get pieces that match any kind of aesthetics.

Characteristics Of Chicme. com

  • Website Type: Women Fashion Stores
  • Website Link:
  • Created On: 2007-09-30 | 14 years ago
  • Shipping: Takes around 8 to 30 business days for different nations
  • Address: Alkmand Estate Ltd, 48A, Hanoum, Cyprus
  • Contact Number for Reviews: +121-326-03334
  • Shipping Cost: US$7.99- $19.98
  • Blogger Support Mail Id: [email protected]
  • Affiliate Support Mail Id: [email protected]
  • Returns: Given on all products within 30 days
  • Refunds: 24 hours with PayPal and 7-15 business days for other banks
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard

Is Chicme. com Legit?

Chicme is an old website that sells women’s clothes internationally. And the most global website has limited data on the online store’s history. They are developed to target a specific demographic of shoppers, and Chicme has placed its online rather rigidly. The site is safe to use and to make payments online. Is it Legit The server operates from the US, but it is a bit difficult to get the actual location.

The online store notes that the goods are only available in England, and customers can not return them. In China, the customer number is then located. This should be known to the buyers. With all the returns, the price is average, and refunds are applicable. The time it takes to ship is longer. However, the quality of the products may be lacking, as stated by the buyers, and slightly different from the images.

In terms of years and well established, the site is legit. But smart buying needs to be done by buyers as the location and quality may vary.


  • It is an old and long-running website.
  • A broad variety of products are offered on the website.
  • There’s a good return and refund policy on the website.
  • The store brand is checked online.
  • The store’s online presence is excellent.
  • For the buyers, the online shop has an affiliate programmer.
  • customer service is available 24 hours a day for reviews of the store.
  • The store is secure and safe to navigate using HTTPS.


  • Not that great is the quality of the product.
  • When the buyers are not from the US, shipping takes a lot of time.
  • The company’s address is not trackable.

Customer Reviews Of Chicme. com

Compared to how long it was in the company, this online shop has average reviews. The main problems faced by users are long shipping, poor quality, and complex location. The clothing from is offered with many discounts to buyers, leading them to join the blogger program. has a significant following on social media, and when they share it on SNS, many buyers get a few percentages off.

Site reviews are mid-range, and in order to remove the low ratings, users have found a significant number of fake reviews.

Wrap Up

Chicme looks like an online shopping site that is well known. But there are a similar number of weaknesses. The Chicme application, which makes the shopping experience convenient and simple, can be used by buyers. But, while buying is easy, they had similar complaints about the quality of apparel. Clothes seem slightly different, but people’s shopping experience is the opposite.

Honest reviews and other considerations indicate that customers need to do proper research.

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