Cra Error 021 – (Stay Alert) Read All Information Inside Here!

Cra Error 021

Read the news about what happened when a government website got hacked & displayed login error.

The time has come to file tax returns, and people are busy sorting them out. But what happens when you are about to log in and see the Cra Error 021 code for your account?

CRA is a federal department that works to take care of the Government of Canada’s tax services. The CRA is accountable for the collection of taxes and administers tax regulations and policies.

Canadian people encountered an error while logging into their account on their official website a few months ago. Are you faced with that, too? Read this article till the end, then.

About CRA

The Canada Revenue Agency is the service of the Government of Canada that is also responsible for offering government and tax credits with the profit program.

Recently, their official website has been under cyber-attack by some hackers, which has caused people to have security concerns. Let us take an in-depth look at the situation.

About CRA Error Code 021

People from Canada came to Reddit, a forum for debate, in the last months of 2020, almost September, to complain about an error code they faced when logging in to their CRA account.

People weren’t sure of the significance behind Error 021 at first. A consumer has said that for the past few days they have not been able to access the CRA website. They were redirected to the “last login page” after login. The user selected proceed, but an error 021 was received.

They said in an update to their article that error 021 means denied Internet access. Let’s read in the next section about the solution.

What to do with Cra Error 021?

You can contact the CRA via phone when you receive this error. The contact information on their website were given by them. CRA posted a link via their official Twitter account that directs you to their page to contact us.

Furthermore, the user clarified that they spoke to a representative, and she confirmed that CRA is extra vigilant with CERB due to recent cyber-attacks. The e-desk specialist told the complainant that CRA froze the account because her account had been hacked.

They’re going to help to get your account sorted.

How people took the hacking scenario?

When it was revealed that the website of CRA was under cyber-attack, with the Cra Error 021 case, people grew anxious and agitated.

The same error occurred when signing in, either with new accounts or with old ones. Some suggested mobile login, but that was also not of any benefit. Citizens were annoyed by the amount of time spent just waiting for a representative to speak.

After hours and hours of waiting, many came back empty-handed and without any solution. At the same time, some people were still concerned about the frozen credits and benefits.

Wrap Up

Many cases of security breaches have occurred worldwide, and they should be taken seriously. But it’s a matter of major concern when hackers target government websites.

In August 2020, when the Cra Error 021 code emerged, CRA briefly suspended its online service, and more than 5,000 accounts were hacked.

People can update their CRA account on a regular basis, login once in a while and, from time to time, change passwords and other credentials.

Have you been a cyber-crime victim? In the comment section, share your fateful experience with us.

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