Daisyrare Review (daisyrare.com) A Great Variety Of Eastern Wear At Affordable & Cheap Prices

Daiyrare.com is an online clothing store with a vast range of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. This store is a one-stop-shop to meet all your girly needs.

Daisyrare Reviews

Daisyrare.Com: A Detailed Review

Online shopping and the pandemic go hand in hand.

We get it. But apart from that sometimes even going to the mall seems like too much work.

And you can’t just look at the clothes all you want without people giving you stares. And the prices aren’t too attractive, either.

Did I mention that online shopping is relatively cheaper than going to the store? Then there are a whole lot of sales and offers that are too good to resist.

The biggest advantage is that you can literally shop in your pajamas at any time of the day. And that is why I, like many other women, love online shopping.

Daisyrare.com is an online store that stocks everything a woman may need to ace her style game.

Casual clothes, dresses, bottoms, tops, jumpsuits, accessories, and Shoes- everything you need is right here on daisyrare.com.

When you open the website, you will be amazed to see the cute dresses, tops, and casual shirts, all in one place.

With varied styles- from ethnic to super chick- daisyrare.com is a place where every girl will find something according to her taste and style.

And the real shocker here is the price. Women like shopping, but they love Cheap shopping.

At Daisyrare.com, you will find exactly this. Beautiful clothes and shoes at affordable prices are one thing that no women can ever get enough of.

So here we are with daisyrare.com review to help you make an informed decision.

What Is Unique About This Store?

Daisyrare.com is a clothing store with a great variety of Eastern wear at affordable prices.

They have some stunning clothing items available at low prices. The variety of choices is attractive.

You can find fancy dresses with lace and embroidery in dirt-cheap prices.

Plus if you are looking for a dress for a friend’s wedding but don’t want to spend too much, there are so many pretty dresses available.

Not only that, but daisyrare.com’s jewelry collection is also worth checking out. You can always mix and match the jewelry with your dress. Sounds convenient, right?

They are also offering free shipping for orders above 99$. They have different discount offers to get up to a 40% discount after using a code.

Is It A Legit Store Daisyrare.Com?

Getting cute clothes at reasonable rates isn’t something you can pass.

But with the increasing number of scam websites these days, you need to make sure if daisyrare.com is legit or scam?

Well, from the looks of it, daisyrare.com seems like a regular e-commerce store.

But the telltale signs are pointing in different directions. And that direction has a big signboard of the word ‘’SCAM’’ written over it.

Who Is The Owner Of Daisyrare.Com?

Common sense says that you can’t trust an unknown person with your money or sensitive monetary information.

Many big brands have their owner information, and people trust these brands because they know the brand’s owner.

An unknown brand with no owner information is a risk as you don’t know a thing about the person.

In an online world, you need to avoid such risks.

At daisyrare.com, the ‘’about us’’ section is filled with content that provides no clue about the owner.

The generic content is not enough to establish confidence among the brand and the customers, which is a foundation for a long-lasting consumer relationship.

Is There An Address?

According to whois.com, the website is registered in Arizona, Scottsdale.

However, daisyrare.com has not given any return address in case someone wants to return the items.

There aren’t any ways to know if they exist in reality or are they just out there to rob people of their money.

Can You Contact Them Easily?

There isn’t any phone number listed on the website, which isn’t surprising since many scam websites tend to hide their identity and phone number so they cannot be tracked.

Social Media Presence

Daisyrare.com has a Facebook page with over 1000 likes.

However, the review section has been disabled on the page, which is a major red flag. This is a tool used by scam websites to prevent people from sharing their unbiased reviews.


  • User-friendly layout
  • Wide range of clothing items
  • Affordable prices
  • Huge discount
  • Free shipping on orders above $100
  • Different payment options available


  • Recently launched website
  • The huge discount offer is a sign of a scam
  • No reviews
  • No address or contact number
  • Shady customer service
  • No owner information

What Should I Do?

I would not recommend shopping from daisyrare.com because there are too many signs to ignore.

First of all, the website was launched in June for just one year. Any recently established site is not trustable enough, so it’s better to steer clear of such websites.

Not only that, but you are also compromising your sensitive information by providing them with financial information.

They can misuse it any way they want.

Wrap Up

We tried finding some customer reviews on Daisyrare.com, but unfortunately, there isn’t much talk about this website.

As it is a newly launched website, so that makes sense.

But keeping in mind the points mentioned earlier, it will be wise not to spend money here.

In this Daisyrare.com review, we tried to bring you an honest review to make your online shopping experience better.

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