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This article describes a website created by a non-profitable organization that helps to reduce tobacco intake among the young. Read on Depressionstick. Com.

Are you someone who takes care of your health?  If so, you might have heard about an awesome online initiative taken by a famous non-profit organization that helps control tobacco addiction among young American citizens, improve their health, and make them more productive and efficient.

The organization made a fake launch for the people addicted to tobacco from the United States to create awareness of the harmful effects it is causing to them due to smoking tobacco. Read more about Depressionstick. Com.

About Truth Initiative

This non-profit organization was formerly known by the name American Legacy that effectively reduces the number of tobacco users in the country and builds a nation of healthy young individuals who will, in turn, help in the development of the country in the long term.

This organization, headquartered in Washington DC, was founded in 1999 and worked to better society by reducing tobacco consumption. The main functions include research, organizing the community etc. All the facts provided by the organization are scientifically proven and approved, and following their instruction can save many lives.

Depressionstick. Com

  • The domain was created on 17th June 2021.
  • The domain expiry is on 17th June 2024.
  • The Alexa ranking for the website is 394,299.
  • The trust score of the website is 96%, making it a legit website.
  • The server location is Arizona, US.
  • Most of the traffic to this website is from the USA.
  • The website is designed in a creative way to attract tobacco users and provide them with the harmful effects of tobacco usage. It also teaches the young generation the importance of health.

 More about the Website

  • The most important issues addressed on the Depressionstick. Com are about the negative effects on the tobacco user’s mind, including serious anxiety issues, magnifying the depression. It also states the facts regarding the damage tobacco can cause to a healthy mind.
  • Apart from the harmful effects of tobacco, E-cigarettes also cause other health-related issues due to the large number of chemicals present in them.
  • The Truth Initiative was made to realize teens and young people about the physical and mental health problems associated with regular smoking.
  • The main mission is to reduce the number of young smokers and help them attain mental and physical well-being in the long term. Read more about Depressionstick. Com.
  • Most of the youth are addicted to vaping, and the social media platforms are trending with the videos of young teens posting photos and videos of them vaping regularly. The number of users is also increasing monthly.
  • According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey, shocking data suggests that 40% of high school students vape periodically.


Tobacco consumption can damage a person’s health in different ways, and it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle. To know more about the mentioned topic, kindly visit.

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