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This article describes a popular fictional character who plays the main role in the game and the details related to his ownership. Read on Does Disney Own Sora.

Do you watch action-based role-playing games? If so, you must be a fan of the popular characters of the games as they play a critical role in the acceptance of the game by the gamers. Ownership doubts regarding a famous gaming character have been discussed on social media recently.

People from the United States are very much eager to understand the fact behind the ownership of this famous gaming character. Continue reading the article to get a complete idea about Does Disney Own Sora?

About Sora and Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a type of role-playing game based on the action genre. It is published and developed by Square Enix. Tetsuya Nomura directs this series. This series revolves around the main character Sora and the experiences of Sora with other Pixar and Disney characters.

Sora was introduced in Kingdom Hearts in 2002. In this game, he is living on Destiny Islands and has best friends Kairi and Riku. The character is voiced by Miyu Irino and Takuto Yoshina for the Japanese language and Haley Joel Osment and Luke Manriquez for the English language. 

Does Disney Own Sora

  • According to the official data Kingdom Hearts, Sora and all the original characters of Kingdom Hearts are owned by Disney. 
  • Disney doesn’t need any support from Square Enix to create upcoming gaming versions as Disney itself can produce a new complete series.
  • As Sara is the most important character of this series, Disney has blocked this character from joining the famous Super Smash Bros.
  • Nintendo owned Super Smash Bros and wanted to use Sara’s character in their series, but Disney is not interested in this proposal.

More about Sora

  • Sora looks like a young kid who has spiky brown hair. Know more on Does Disney Own Sora?
  • Tetsuya Nomura designed Sora based on the outfits used by Mickey mouse. The mainly used outfits include giant yellow shoes, red shorts and white gloves.
  • Sora with his two best friends explores the world, leaving their home Destiny Islands.
  • After the release of the series, Sora became trending and attracted millions of fans and followers globally. The game attracted more new users due to the influence of Sora. Kingdom of Hearts episodes started trending on online social media platforms as soon as they got released.
  • Sora was one of the most popular fan choices, including Siliconera, IGN, Shacknews, GamingBolt and Screen Rant. Understand more on Does Disney Own Sora.
  • Sora’s global acceptance among gamers has increased the sales of designs and products based on Kingdom of Hearts II. The major accessories sold include phone cases, phone straps, dendroid, cube, necklaces, boots, keychains and plush.


Disney has decided not to permit Nintendo to use Sora in their Super Smash Bros. Disney has the complete right to decide on Sora as they own it. Kindly visit this link to know more about Sora 

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