Does UV light kill Coronavirus? | Read The Answer!

Does UV light kill Coronavirus? | Read The Answer! >> Some steps have been taken by different nations to control COVID-19 impact and still confused with this question: read the post to be aware about this.

Since its origin from the Chinese city of Wuhan in December, the coronavirus is taking and spreading across the world by storm. China and Italy are on the red alert and getting some pcorona results everyday.Both nations have been reported around 4000+ deaths each day. To control the virus, Chinese people have been locked at home forthe last 50+ days and follow the policy of lockout across the country.

As people are migrating from one to another nation, the virus is spreading over other countries such as Germany, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Iran, France, and South Korea where 10,000+ people found positive for coronavirus.

So, the question is that: Is there no solution/vaccine to mitigate the coronavirus? Does UV light kill Coronavirus?

UltravioletAir Purification

Even the world istrapped by a coronavirus which will cause hilarious and life-threatening disease, known as COVID-19. Here, we can do one thing which is to stay ready for the diseases by maintaining health however never afraid of that disease. Some steps have been taken by different nations and still confused with the question: does UV light kill coronavirus?

Why UV light is preferred?

In hospitals and health care institutions, a cleaning tool is used from years back which is UV and it is also used to decontaminate the hospital rooms. These UV rays are of three types such as UVA, UVB, and UVC respectively. This UV light is also used for surgical equipment.

The UV ray with the shortest wavelength has the highest energy which is known as UVC. Thus, this ray is more effective as compared to others to kill bacteria and viruses such as pathogens. It has a wavelength of around 200 to 400 nanometers (nm).

But when we think about the killing of bacteria or microbial pathogen or pathogenic virus, then it is not a game of few seconds and instant killing is not possible with any killing agent. The process of killing is quite complex as you can measure it practically by keeping a check over the number of infected people before and after the implementation of killing agents.

Let us take an example, as water is contaminated withbacteria, then if you boil water for 20 minutes as compared to that of two minutes, it might be more effective for the killing process.

Does UV light kill Coronavirus or harm people?

Ozone is produced by UV and the smell is pretty pleasant as it is also liked by some people.It is also observed that the ozone is quite dangerous and leave some pulmonary medical issues. The second thing is that the UV light that can tear up the DNA (or RNA) of the virus, can also tear up the DNA present in skin cells. Thus, it increases thechances of gettingskin cancer.Someother associatedphotochemical reactions are alsocaused by these UV light such as cataracts.Thus, the virus is sensitive when we use UV light and can also help to eliminate the virus effectively.

Most of the people ignored/forget that the big issue is the flu and not the coronavirus. It is the flu thatgives birth to the coronavirus in the body and the media highlights the coronavirus instead of the flu.It is also reported recently that fifty percent of people who are affected bycorona illness can easily get recovered via recovering the immunity system and they are less likely to get the flu or any infection shortly. So, the answer is clear to the question: does UV light kills coronavirus.

To whom it affects the most?

You just need to pay more attention to the mortality rate and try to get knowledge related to people who died from Coronavirus. Then you get to know that most seniors and people with some serious medical issues are getting affected by this virus.Corona is not present in any area and you cannot grab it from anywhere.

Wrapping Up

At last, it is highly recommended to stay away from public gatherings, people who are sneezing and coughing and try to do shopping or purchase groceries at off-hours. Moreover, try to purchase masks and use sanitizer for your safety and some extra care regarding health.

To encapsulate, all the above-mentioned practices are very good and helpful to prevent yourself from the flu and then, from the coronavirus.

Hoping for the betterment of people who are lockout still in China and Italy!!

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