Dr Clean Spray Reviews – Is This Trustworthy Or Not?

Dr Clean Spray Reviews [Jan 2022] Legit one or Not? >> If you search for moisturising hand sanitisers that use a natural ingredient, then have a glance at the content.

Does hand sanitiser make your skin rough? From the time when the pandemic hits the world, the need for hand sanitisers has increased. 

In the United States, people search for sanitisers that keep their hands moisturise with its skincare ingredients. So, thinking of the high rising demand, we present today’s content introducing you to Dr Clean Spray.

Purchasing products from online stores is easy, but we need to ensure that the items must be legit. So, focusing on the hand sanitising spray’s legitimacy, we will explore Dr Clean Spray Reviews.

What is Dr Clean Spray?

It is a moisturising hand sanitiser made with the richness of Aloe Vera, glycerine, ethyl alcohol, and many other ingredients specialising in recovering the damaged tissues of the hand, keeping it hydrates for a long time, provide proper cleansing and care that our hands need.

The product is made to use frequently by people to maintain proper hygiene. 

How to use it?

To apply this hand sanitiser, you have to remove accessories from your hands. 

So, first, make sure you must dry your hands properly. Now pour some amount of gel on your palm and rub it all over your hands for complete evaporation. It’s simple and easy to use the spray. 

To know about Dr Clean Spray Reviews, you need to collect more details about it. So firstly, let’s have a view of some of its features.

Specifications of Dr Clean Spray

  • Type of product – a hand sanitiser
  • URL of the store- https://www.mygeisha.ro/
  • Quantity – 100 ml
  • Cost- 1800 RON
  • Storage temperature – 5 to 25 degrees
  • Presence of ethyl alcohol – 75%

Pros of Dr Clean Spray

  • The hand sanitiser uses Aloe Vera, a skin-friendly ingredient to moisturise the hands.
  • The product is available on social media platforms.
  • It provides proper care to our hands by recovering the damaged skin.
  • Rinsing of hands are not required after applying the sanitiser
  • 10% discounts are available by purchasing the product from the official site.

Cons of Dr Clean Spray

  • Dr Clean Spray Reviews are not shared by any individual till now.
  • In case you touched your eyes after using the spray, chances of irritation are there
  • Moreover, the sanitiser is not good for the children as it is flammable.

Several points ensure if the hand sanitiser is good to be used or not.

Is Dr Clean Spray Legit?

Let’s have a view at some checkpoints that determine if the spray is a legit product or not. 

  • The hand moisturising spray is presented by My Geisha that was registered on 7 January 2018.
  • Dr Clean Spray Reviews are not found on the trusted platforms like Amazon and Trustpilot. Only the official site has shared the views of buyers.
  • No ratings and stars are given to the product.
  • My Geisha is a popular website on a social media platform and shared the post of the spray.
  • The product details are shared well on the portal.
  • You can visit other shopping sites too for purchasing this item.
  • The scam advisor gives a 96% trust score to the store, which indicates that we can use its products.

The Dr Clean Spray looks legit, but the absence of buyer feedback is raising queries in our minds.

What are Dr Clean Spray Reviews?

The product has not received any comments from its customers. The Facebook and Instagram account of My Geisha has shared the post, but sadly less than a hundred viewers have liked it. Besides its advantages, people are not interested in adding it to their carts. 

Even the portal has shared only five comments that to are positive. But are these feedbacks real? Well, we don’t suggest you rely on these reviews as, during the research, we found no such comments online.


The Dr Clean Spray cleans your hands without damaging your skin. The proper concentration of all the ingredients makes it safe to be used. But unavailability of Dr Clean Spray Reviews online as well as on Instagram is the negative sign. Overall, the product is not popular in the market.

Have you tried any other skincare product of My Geisha? How was your experience? Comment your thoughts in the space provided below.

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