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ehomesport reviews

Ehomesport is an online store that is selling a vast range of home appliances at insanely cheap prices. The website is running Black Friday sales with massive discounts on high-quality Vacuums, 4k UHD TV, Recliner chairs and much more.

Detailed Review

Well, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and many people are giving thanks for huge Black Friday sales on home appliances. People are always scouting the internet to find the best deals on the vacuum or Ultra HD TVs or other gadgets.

Ehomesport is an online appliance store that previously used the name best price home. This website is running some fantastic black Friday sales on all sorts of stuff. If you are looking for a coffee brewer, or high-end vacuum, or maybe a 55” LED at discounted prices- ehomesport offers unreal prices.

As in most cases, unreal and suspiciously low prices are a big sign of a scam, so we thought to do thorough Ehomesport reviews to help you determine the legitimacy of this website.

Let’s see what we got here.

What is Unique About

Well, this site is just like most other e-commerce sites. Although there is one thing that sets it apart from other sites- the low prices for high-end appliances.

You see, they are selling a lounger recliner for only $15, and you can get 4K UHD 55” TV for merely $150. You look at the prices, and you wonder if it is a dream or it even possible?

Is Legit Or Scam Store?

And this dilemma brings us to our next question. Is this site legit or just another scam? According to our research, this site is definitely a scam. It was first operating by the name of Best price Home and just changed its name a few days ago. This is the usual practice of many scam sites.

Apart from that, when the prices are too good to be true, that is a big fat screaming sign of a Scam right there. Do not ignore this sign, or you will end up being robbed of your hard-earned money.

Who Is The Owner?

So a big part of brand trust is knowing who operates the brand. Most big brands are forthcoming with their identities, but here is an interesting thing about scam sites: you will never get to know the real person behind the site. This is also the case with ehomesport.

And on their about us page, we found out that they operate by appliances online as well. Well, that is super shady.

Does This Site Have An Address?

On their contact us page, the address is mentioned as 298 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, CA 92020, United States. However, after some digging on Google maps, we found out that this is not the case; the listed address belongs to a home depot store in El Cajon. Attached is a screenshot of the proof.

This only proves one thing that Ehomesport is a scam site that is out there to rob people of their hard-earned money.


  • Nice clean design
  • Variety of home appliances
  • Low Prices


  • Suspiciously low prices
  • Changes domain names quickly
  • Brand new website
  • Fake address
  • No functional phone number
  • No user reviews present
  • No owner address
  • No social media presence
  • Fake security info
  • Roughly designed website

User Reviews

User review is the most authentic metric to measure the authenticity of any website. We searched the internet widely for ehomesport reviews but couldn’t find any reviews by users.

It makes sense as the site is pretty new, and it also keeps on changing its name. The lack of reviews just confirms our suspicion that this is indeed a scam site.

Wrap Up

We hope that after reading this article, you are clear that ehomesport is a scam site and you should stay away from it. These kinds of scam sites try to lure people in by offering mouth-watering deals and then send them counterfeit products.

If you have any opinions or ehomesport reviews to share, please leave a comment here and save everyone from this scam site. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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