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Evstree.com is an online store selling disposable tableware for every occasion. You can easily find attractive decor, birthday banners, and adorable napkins as well as loads of other party table ornaments.

Evstree Reviews

Evstree.com: Detailed review

Let’s admit it, Checking out those DIY party decor on Instagram makes you feel pretty incapable.

It seems like everyone is a master in DIY craft, and they can create perfect banners, balloon garlands and all the other cutesy decor.

But what if you’re not that creative or don’t have much time on your hand but want to make your kid or a loved one feel special on their big day.

That’s where disposable tableware like evstree.com steps in as a lifesaver. When I say disposable, it doesn’t mean those ugly looking ancient decor that you have seen growing up.

Today the game has changed. Sites like evstree.com have introduced affordable and glamorous tableware and decor that will turn any event into a grand affair.

In this evstree.com review, we will see if this website is a scam or legit so stay with us.

Is it a Legit Site?

While restrictions are starting to lift up and life is returning to normal, what better time to have that party (according to SOPs) with close friends and family.

But first, you need to make sure is evstree.com is a legit site or not?

Sure enough, the irresistible decor is a weakness of many people, and with great prices, it surely seems like a deal.

The website looks okay, and at first, it even seems legit. But if you have an observant eye, you can always spot those telltale signs that point toward a scam.

I am going to expose and discuss in detail all the signs and the reason you should stay away from evstree.com.

So let us dig deeper, shall we?

Who is the Owner?

As an authentic brand, you need to come out in the open and talk to your customers to build a trusting relationship.

No business can establish by hiding because a legit brand doesn’t have anything to hide. No one likes to buy from unknown people.

When scrolling through the ‘’About us’’ page at evstree.com, all we could find was rambling on about the products and nothing about who they are and where they operate from.

Even on whois.com, we couldn’t find any sufficient data, and even the domain is registered in Guangdong, China.

Big Fat red flag right there, people!

What is the Location?

The address listed on the website is that of the United States.

But many scam sites these days operate from china.

So when we searched for the listed address 6365 Townline Road, Byron, NY 14422 United States on Google, the address turned up to be a single-story home with 1 bed and bath.

The website operates from Guangdong China and not the United States as claimed on the site.

Wrong address plus wrong location does ring an alarming bell now, doesn’t it?

How old is the domain?

It is a standard practice to never shop from a website that is less than 3 months old.

Evstreet.com was established on 13-7-2020 for just one year. This website is not even a month old, which is a major red flag.

And why register for just a year when you are in business for the long run?

But that’s what most scam sites do. They come up with new website names after being blocked and reported.

Can you contact them easily?

Customer service is the backbone of any business.

If you want to scale up the business quickly, you need to take care of your customers.

At evstree.com, we couldn’t find any customer care service that actually works.

The telephone number listed on the website went to a voicemail when we tried to reach the company.

There is a mention of one Diego Castaneda, who is listed as a contact although there is absolutely no clue who this person is.

There is no LinkedIn or Facebook profile attached.

Now we are only left with an email through which you can ask queries or lodge complaints, but there is no guarantee that you will receive a reply.

Any social media presence?

As digital marketing takes presence in the business sector, most brands are directing sales from social media platforms.

Having a strong social media presence is a hallmark of a legit brand.

As expected, we couldn’t find ANY social media presence of evstree.com, and that looks fishy to us.


  • Stylish and attractive tableware
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly website layout
  • Uses HTTP secure connection


  • Newly registered domain
  • Fake address
  • Operate from china
  • No owner information
  • No social media presence

Customer reviews

As evestree has recently launched its tableware product line, we couldn’t find any customer reviews online.

Absence of customer reviews is always suspicious so better stay away from such websites.

Kindly spare a moment to leave a review below if you have shopped from this particular website and help us make online shopping safer for everyone.

What should I do?

Buying great table decor at affordable prices is not something you come across very often.

But I would recommend not to shop from evstree.com.

There is a high chance you will receive counterfeit goods or not receive anything at all, and all your money goes down the drain.

Wrap Up

Hosting a party can be pretty hectic, and dealing with the aftermath can be a nightmare.

That’s why I always prefer using disposable tableware to cut myself some slack every now and then.

And if that disposable tableware is pretty and cheap, no one would want to miss the deal.

But after reading this evstree.com review, you should be able to put two and two together and not shop from this website.

There are too many red flags that cannot be ignored. We inspect many things before reviewing a website, so this estree review is based on deep research and many other discerning factors.

Do not forget to share this article with your friend and family to make them aware of this scam site.

Official Website: https://www.evstree.com/

For more website reviews, https://scamsrapid.com/  

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