Find Rose At Steel Farm – Read All About How To Find?

Find Rose At Steel Farm

The write-up includes the methods for locating roses on the chart to complete the Week 11 challenge.

In Fortnite Season 5 Week 11, players are required to find Rose at Steel Farm in the 3rd stage of the Fishstick search. Valentine-themed are all the step challenges that bringing the players to the map to assist NPCs find their valentines for the day.

Players have already welcomed the problems in the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and want to know how to locate the rose of the steel estate. To find the steel farm roses, however, players first need to complete phases one and two.

About Fortnite Week 11 Challenge

The Wild Heart case is the Fortnite Week 11 competition, and it is now live. The challenges are embraced by players worldwide and various cosmetics and upgrades with XPs are won. The Week 11 Challenge is a part of Fortnite Season 5 and has many Valentine-themed quests be need completed by players.

With XPs and other prizes, the quests reward the players. The humanoid guy in the game and looking for a valentine is Fish stick. Plays at Steel Farm need to take up the challenge and help him find Rose.

The new quest is to find the rose at the steel farm, and on the map, players need to search and find the guppy guy’s rose to complete the rewards quest. But, players found it difficult to locate the rose and search for help online.

Please don’t panic, because upon successful completion of the level, there is a way available to help you get the rose at the steel farm and win rewards. Below is the guide that will help you find the rose on the map without problems and win some XPs.

How to Find Rose at Steel Farm?

The leisurely quest in the Week 11 quest is to find rose at the steel far away, and players have to complete it to proceed and earn prizes as XPs. There are two places where the rose, the steel farm, and the orchard, can be found by players.

So, in order to capture the rose and earn prizes, players fiound these two positions on the map.

  • At these places, the search is to find the rose and not to pick it up. So, after finding it, if you choose the rose, the search would be complicated for you.
  • At the steel estate, the players have to go around the property. Under the window sill there are roses next to corn boxes. At this place, there are many roses you can find.
  • The steel farm is situated at the top of the petrol station on the north side of the map. It is an island on the east side of the Colossal Coliseum.
  • At Steel Farm, the quest is to find Rose and you can win the quest by finding only one rose.

Wrap Up

You need to determine which place you want to explore before you begin your search for the rose at either location. Two separate game sites, the steel farm and the orchard, give the rose.

In return, players are already on the quest to find the rose and win XPs. It is not really a difficult issue. At the steel farm, follow the simple steps described above and find the roses. Know that you just have to find the roses and not pick them.

Have you finished the challenge and find Rose at Steel Farm? In the comment section, kindly share your experience with our readers.

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