Flash Cup Fortnite Epic Games – Rules You Want To Know!

Flash Cup Fortnite Epic Games

Are you a player from Fortnite? Have a look here, please, as we have some wonderful news for you all!

As you might all know, the Fortnite Epic Games Flash Cup was recently published. The Flash cup contest helps players to win the flash cup for Fortnite game character to have multiple skins and cosmetics.

The official news has spread across the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States, so the Fortnite players out there want to know more about this Fortnite flash cup event. This competition, called a flash cup, has been published very recently and has some official rules that players need to obey in order to take part in the contest.

Read all the details of this flash cup tournament below!

What Is Flash Cup Fortnite Epic Games?

For the Fortnite fans, there is good news because flash is finally coming to the Fortnite game. As per the epic game’s note, it was scheduled to be released on the thirteenth of February. But now it is said that it will soon be published.

Flash cup is the tournament that allows Fortnite users or players to team up with their mates to compete within a limited time against a maximum of ten matches, provided that the tournament can be won in three hours. One has to have authentication allowed with two variables and have a minimum of thirty account levels to get involved in the game.

Read the rules stated below of Flash Cup Fortnite Epic Games!

Rule Of The Flash Cup

One must comply with the gaming rules set out in section eight of the game code of conduct to compete in the flash cup tournament. In the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States, among other countries, there are the same rules and guidelines for Fortnite players.

Players must agree to this rule by taping the choice open to you in the epic game to agree or accept it. Each player needs to ensure that they have checked and approved all the rules and regulations by taking part in any game events or tournaments.

Let’s learn about the awards given by the Fortnite Epic Games Flash Cup tournament.

Tournament Prizes

First award (Europe)-3500th black bling and cosmetic outfit in-game.

1st award (NA East)-1750th black bling and cosmetic outfit in-game.

1st reward (NA West)-Black bling and cosmetic dress, 500th in-game.

It was officially told that in order to participate in this case, the applicant must be thirteen years of age. Players under the age of eighteen must take the guardian’s legal notice to take part in the case.

Wrap Up

Finally, before competing in the Fortnite Epic Games Event , we would recommend that readers follow all the tournament guidelines in detail. In the article above, all the relevant details about the contest and its rules was shared. Again, we want you all to ensure that the rules of the event are read carefully and thoroughly beforehand.

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