Fortnite Help Lovely Celebrate Hearts Wild – Read All Details!

Fortnite Help Lovely Celebrate Hearts Wild

The write-up shares knowledge about the quest in the game and how to successfully complete it.

Now in Fortnite, the epic quest is live, so support Lovely make the best selection for Valentine. Here is the guide to how to celebrate Hearts Wild in Fortnite Aid Lovely Before the big day, players from the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom began to take up the quest.

Fortnite’s 5th Week 11 Challenge is live, and it instructs the players to help Lovely’s character pick her Valentine and celebrate wild hearts. Below is the guide that will help you learn more about the challenge and the tactics during the epic journey to help Lovely celebrate wild hearts.

About 5 Week 11 Challenge Quest in Fortnite

Fortnite’s players realize that developers intend to release gamers with new challenges and quests. The Five Week 11 Challenge is the latest epic mission, and the players have to perform the final task after completing the sixth quest; players in Fortnite Aid Lovely Rejoice Hearts Wild to finish the final task. The final assignment includes helping the Lovely to celebrate wild hearts in the game.

Players can, however, find similar in-game directions about how the final task in the quest can be accomplished. Supporting the Lovely Celebrate Hearts Wild is simple for players at Fortnite. You can find a guide below that will help you take the correct path to successfully complete the search.

The final task of the quest comes with the standard Valentine’s theme, and gamers have a few in-game instructions. Nevertheless, players must keep collecting the chocolate boxes to enter the final stage of the quest.

How Players in Fortnite Help Lovely Celebrate Hearts Wild?

The Challenges for Week 11 are now online. To complete the challenges, the players are advised. To conclude with one legendary quest, there are seven epic quests. By completing the legendary quest, players can win up to 20000 XP.

There are five distinct phases in the final challenge, of which the 1st phase rewards the players with 55000 XP and the remaining 22000 XP for the other phases.

Helping Lovely enjoy wild hearts is the final epic search of the 11-week challenge. It’s pretty simple, and to complete the quest successfully, you’ll find little in-game instructions.

You have to complete the other tasks of the 11-week journey before moving into the game’s final quest. Here is the guide on how Fortnite Help Lovely Celebrate Hearts Wild players.

  • For the final step, players have to go close to any character on the game map. In-game characters are forty different, and you can communicate with anyone.
  • You can see the ‘Give Card’ option on the screen as you start interacting with the character.
  • You will get a notification on the screen reminding you about the completion of the quest after completing the interaction with the character.
  • The definition will include the score of the challenge and the hearts will go wild.
  • Upon completing the challenge, you also get 20,000 XP into your account.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, the guide is straightforward for you, and you can now take up and successfully complete the Week 11 search to help Lovely celebrate wild hearts.

Have you completed Fortnite Aid Lovely Celebrate Hearts Wild’s Week 11 challenge? In the comment section, please share your opinions about the search.

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