Genshin Impact Review Bombed – Read Here!

This article discusses Genshin Impact Review Bombed and all the other relevant details about this game.

Mobile games are an ideal source of quick entertainment and relaxation. Wherever you are, you can open your device and start playing the game. Many mobile games have also received a ton of popularity and success and have become known globally. 

One of the popular mobile games is Genshin Impact. Recently, an event with this game has made Genshin Impact Review Bombed trending.

Users in the United States and elsewhere are curious to know more about this event. Keep reading this article to get a detailed picture of what’s happened with this game.

What is Genshin Impact?

It’s the title of a popular action role-playing game by the animation and game development studio miHoYo. They have developed and published this game. The game’s available to play on all major operating systems and gaming platforms, but it’s most popular on mobile devices in the United States and many other regions.

The Plot of Genshin Impact

It follows our protagonist, referred to as “Traveler,” who’s on a journey to find his twin sibling. We’ll get to Genshin Impact Review Bombed shortly. The game’s set in the fictional world of Tevyat, which comprises seven nations. 

Each nation has its unique element, and a God rules them. The game focuses on the “Traveler” as he embarks on a journey across worlds with his companion “Paimon ” and gets involved in Tevyat’s affairs.

What is Review Bombing?

  • It refers to the process of bombarding the review section of any application or game with reviews.
  • The reviews can either be overwhelmingly positive or negative.
  • However, it’s mostly used for giving negative reviews and bringing down the overall rating considerably.
  • Users usually bombard apps with negative reviews as a form of retaliation.

Why Was The Genshin Impact Review Bombed?

  • Genshin Impact recently created a year of its successful run, and miHoYo organized an anniversary event.
  • This anniversary event is the main reason behind this user backlash which has led to this review bombing.
  • Users aren’t pleased with the rewards and events announced by miHoYo on this special occasion.
  • The review bombing has brought down the game’s rating to 1.5-2 stars from over four stars.
  • Users initially took to social media platforms to express their anger and frustration before the viral event involving Genshin Impact Review Bombed.
  • Initially, the developers miHoYo didn’t respond to these complaints and even censored and deleted some negative comments on their pages.
  • This act enraged the users, and they bombed this app with negative reviews.
  • Read more about the game here.

The Final Verdict        

Genshin Impact is a popular game that recently celebrated its first anniversary. However, things took a turn when users bombed this app with negative reviews. Please find all the related details above. 

What do you think of this review bombing? Do you enjoy playing Genshin Impact? Kindly share your opinions on Genshin Impact Review Bombed in the comments.

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