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In addition, these phrases were questioned by several viewers and new players from the United Kingdom, the United States, and India.

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What is meant by the term?

“Players used it in their chatbox among us, as a formal acronym, meaning “nice game.” In addition, GG has been around since the conception of multiplayer gaming, according to Nerds Chat, and gamers confirm this among us to signify the termination of a session and dole out cheering.

Some other terms that are used in the game

Players can see in-game AFK; its abbreviation is away from the keyboard, meaning that for a while the player has gone out of the game.

In addition to another term commonly used by gamers in this video game, i.e. SUS, members claim this to mean “suspicious behavior.”

Describe On Among Us

It’s an online multiplayer video passtime social deduction introduced by InnerSloth for Windows, iOS, and Android.

In this video game, opponents play as either crewmates or imposters, with the former faction attempting to complete the assignment; the latter is trying to weed out/kill the crew members, according to among Us reviews.

Facts about this Among Us

  • This video game was released in 2018 and was developed and introduced by InnerSloth by a clan of 3 members (Amy Liu, Forest Willard, and Marcus Bromande).
  • This game has so far been downloaded by more than 85 million gamers.
  • Because of You Tubers sharing their videos while playing Twitch Streamers, this game became popular in 2020.
  • The products were so famous that they were sold out within weeks.
  • This video game can be downloaded to a PC by gamers at a cost of 5 dollars.

Player’s Reviews

In the meantime, we found that so many people have reported positive feedback, finding out what players have written about this game:

Many people wrote that this is the best game they have ever played and would recommend others to them, and they also like the fact that when playing this game, gamers can also talk with others.

Some individuals had trouble playing this game, however, and shared that the pastime freezes when building the room or entering the room, and the servers are often too buggy.

This unique game has gained so much popularity overall and ranked 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store.

Wrap Up

In the end, we concluded that these are just terms/phrases that are used, in short, to keep the dialog short in the video-game chat box.

What other brief sentences do you all use while playing this game? In the given comment box, please notify us.

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