Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite – Know All Details You Want!

Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite

Are you happy to hear about Fortnite’s plans for Valentine’s week? Please read the article below, then.

Valentine’s week is here, as we all know, and on different websites, there are many diverse deals available. Epic Games released the best one out of them a day ago, and folks from the United Kingdom and the United States are too happy to have them.

The company has announced the launch of a Valentine’s Day event and has called it Heart Wild. News of the incident has gone viral worldwide, and people want to hear more of the same thing.

Let us take a look at the information and gather some relevant data about it.

What is Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite?

Simply put, this year, there are a lot of cards available for Valentine’s Day and the event begins on February 8th, 2021, and allows players from the United Kingdom and the United States to run free with all activities during this week, such as Creator Challenges, a competition, beautiful new outfits (Item Shop), and paper craft.

People assumed that on Valentine’s day before the date there would be no Fortnite event as there was no change or pre-announcement made by Epic games before. A blog was posted on an official forum by Epic Games and the Wild Heart was revealed.

Let us know more about Fortnite’s Wild Cup Hearts.

When it Begins and Ends?

While the launch of the Fortnite Heart Wild Cup was revealed a day earlier, it begins on 8 February 2021. The event will be coordinated by Epic Games, and it includes creator challenges, Fortnite new skins, and others.

Fortnite fans are too interesting in the whole thing, and they are eager to play in the Tournament to enjoy all the fun stuff available.

The event has been planned to make Valentine’s Week special for all players, and it will run until 17 February 2021.

What is available in Hearts Wild Cup Fortnite?

After getting through all the ins and outs of the event organized by Fornite, we find that before its accessibility in the Item Shop Fortnite, the players have a golden chance to catch some exciting skins for the Fortnite game.

The tournament is on schedule, and as a duo, all players will take part in it as well. In the event of having some stuff like Shufflly Shapes Wrap, Breathless Blades Pickaxe, Reel Love Story, Heart Wild Tea Battles Banner, Perfect Match Emoticon, etc., you need to finish at least ten matches. Participate now and win all available in-game rewards.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, for the Fortnite Fans, the event is a wonderful piece of news and they should enjoy it to the fullest. Every player can get a new thing and turn their Valentine’s week into a new week.

Participate in the Championship and get an excellent gaming experience.

What do you think of Fortnite’s Wild Cup Hearts? In the comments section as given below, please pen down.

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