How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm – Read All Details!

How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm

Do not recognize exactly how to gain the median in the multiplayer video game? Review the entire post to know about some simple actions.

Are you oddly searching for How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm? This article will aid you to earn you the medal in CODm. So, begin reading!

Since the call of duty released in 2019 October, it has attracted many gamers throughout the Philippines and the rest of the world. As the video game is obtaining its upgrades, the attributes of this video game are getting intriguing, as well as the gamers are getting affixed to it.

Read this article to understand the brief about the backstabber medal.

What is a backstabber medal?

How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm is a challenging job which every player is concerned about however do not stress; we will soon reveal some actions to get this benefit.

When a person plays in a multiplayer setting, they can unlock the backstabber medal in Codm by killing the opponent from behind and with melee.

If you are a substantial fan of this multiplayer video game, you should understand that this video game has 43 medals and also this backstabber medal is one of them.

If you kill a gamer or any of your opponents in this game, you will be awarded with 1 × backstabber medal, and if you need to know the total numbers, you can check out the player’s medal area for that.

How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm?

Any type of player can make this backstabber medal by complying with the provided actions:

  • Open your game as well as get in the load-out action.
  • Choose load out of your choice as well as click the secondary weapon port.
  • Now by just killing their adversary from any type of knife or some other melee tools from behind, you will certainly gain the medal.
  • You can just get this incentive when you play this game three times in multiplayer setting.
  • Apart from the above point, if you wish to obtain an LK-24 alarm weapon in this call of duty game’s seasonal event, you need to get at the very least thrice, which is a 3 × backstabber medal.

Final Verdict

Now you know How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm? One has to damage as well as reduce their adversary’s back with some small tool like a knife or a few other melee weapon. This makes it essential for gamer’s to get rewarded with a backstabber medal.

So, did you learn the answer to gain a backstabber medal? If yes, after that comment on your experience of playing this occasion in the comment box listed below.

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