Hp Officejet 5222 Reviews – (Does It Really Work) or Another Scam?

Hp Officejet 5222 Reviews

”This HP Officejet all-in-one wireless printer is a powerhouse of productivity for your home office. Now scan, print, fax, and copy your documents with ease and efficiency right from the comfort of your home.”

Homeschooling and work from home are now new normal for us. If your kids are taking online classes, you will need many printouts of homework, worksheets, and assignments.

Finding a reasonable and high-quality printer in a saturated market is not an easy task. It would be best to have a multifunctional printer with a wireless connection, high-quality print, and scanning and faxing option.

Luckily, HP Officejet 5222 features all these things and offers even more. Working from home often requires you to fax and copy some urgent documents. Now you can’t run to a shop every time the need arises.

So if you are looking for a reliable printer that won’t break your bank, we are here with HP Officejet 5222 review to help you with your buying decision.

Let’s start with a detailed review!

All About Hp Officejet 5222?

Hp Officejet is a new model of printer introduced by HP, a famous IT company. Promoted as an all-in-one jet printer, this HP Officejet is a beneficial gadget for boosting your productivity.

You can quickly scan, copy, print, and fax the documents right from your home or office.

Equipped with a speedy wireless mechanism, it can quickly fax up to 10 pages per minute for simple documents.

For colored documents, 7 pages can be faxed every minute. The HP smart app is highly efficient to meet all your printing needs. The 35-page auto document feeder and dual side printing are lifesavers if you have lots of printing to do.

Clean and vivid print, impressive text, and close to original pictures make this Officejet printer worth every dime.

Is HP Officejet 5222 Legit?

Buying anything online can be such a confusing experience. You are never sure if you are going to get an authentic product. But since HP Officejet 5222 Printer is introduced by a tech Giant HP, we can assure you that this is not a scam product.

This printer does its job well. It delivers on all aspects as it claims on the website. So you can be assured that you will not be robbed of your money or get a counterfeit product.

Features Of HP Officejet 5222

Provides maximum productivity: This HP Officejet 5222 printer provides you with the functionality and productivity you need while working from home. It is suitable for office work and school work alike. You can scan, copy, print, and fax the documents simultaneously using this machine. How convenient is that?

Easy to use: Using HP smart App, you can even print out stuff from your social media account. Living in a digital era where everything is now online, you need a smart and capable printer. By using a smart app, you can print whatever you like from the cloud and social media.

Wireless and portable: Equipped with Dual-band wifi, the wireless connection is steady and high quality that lets you breeze through your printing and faxing jobs. You can also take it anywhere you go, thanks to the portability it offers.

4 months free ink: The special black Friday deal includes 4-month free ink delivery right at your doorstep. Your printer can order ink as per its needs. Buy original HP 63 ink for as low as every month. This also includes shipping, recycling, and ink cartridges charges.

Crystal clear text every day: Unlike those cheap printers that produce pathetic photocopies, the HP Officejet provides you with Crystal Clear print day in and day out. The vivid colors in colored documents really make your paper stand out.


  • Strong wireless connection
  • Compatible with different apps for mobile printing
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with free 4-month ink (requires subscription)
  • Includes HP OfficeJet 5222 All-in-One Printer, Setup Black Cartridge, Tri-color Ink Cartridge, Setup Poster, Reference Guide, instant Ink Flyer with 4 months Instant Ink, Power cord
  • Backed up by HP, one year warranty


  • Wireless connectivity can be problematic at the time.
  • Set up can be tricky.
  • Not suitable for high-volume printing

Customer Reviews

The HP officejet5222 has remarkable reviews on the internet. People are pleased with the functionality of this product. According to use reviews, it does a splendid job of scanning, printing, faxing, and copying documents. The all-in-one printer is an excellent value for money, keeping in mind all the features it offers.

Wrap Up

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a user-friendly wireless printer- this HP officejet5222 is an excellent choice for you. We hope you find this HP Officejet 5222 review beneficial and helpful in making a decision.

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