Hug Sleep Reviews – (Sleep Like A Baby) A Secret To Perfect Sleep

Hug Sleep Reviews

There are people around the world and maybe you are also among those who suffer from sleeping disorders.

Disturbed sleeping patterns take away the peace of mind. In fact, it also distracts you from concentrating on day-to-day tasks, lowering your work performance whether at home or in your office.

Don’t worry if you’re not a champion sleeper and struggle with sufficient sleep. Hug sleep has come up with a smart solution to let you sleep comfortably within a blink of an eye.

Stick to the article till the end and make sure you don’t fall asleep while reading.

What Is Hug Sleep

Hug sleep has introduced Sleep Pod is an instant solution to sleeplessness, which is designed on the basis of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy.

Sleep Pod is the blanket that gives you a warm feeling of generous hugs, calms you after your most hectic day, and puts you on a “sleep-well mode.

Why Hug Sleep

Sleep Pod gives a gentle hug by applying calming pressure to your entire body. Ultimately it is helpful for reducing your anxiety levels and prepares you to sleep faster.

Another buying factor for sleeping Pod is that it is super easy to use. It is surprisingly easy to stretch all the way to your shoulders. Thanks to its flexible and much adaptable fabric.

It is equally good for you if you need perfect temperature regulation, look no further. Sleep Pod effortlessly allows you to keep your leg out from under the covers.

This sleep pod applies light and gentle pressure, which is friendly for your body and muscles.

Once you start using it you’ll surely be hooked for life within a few seconds. It is the best option for you to quit tossing and turning while you are sleeping.

It also helps you fall asleep faster, deeper, and longer.

Specifications of Hug Sleep

Ultra-breathable Hand made in the US 30-night sleep guaranteed Machine washable Perfect temperature regulation

Is Hug Sleep Scam or Legit?

Hug sleep is truly a legit website because of many good and valid reasons.

Ford and foremost, the website has mentioned the company’s location and address. If a company is adding its address it definitely points to the fact that’s legit and not trapping the customers.

The second most important factor for evaluating its credibility is that this website is socially active on all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This again builds the authority of the website.

The third most important factor is that not only users have given the reviews but also the mighty brands and companies like Buzzfeed have commented on the website. It further enhanced the legitimacy of the website.


  • It is truly a legit website
  • Quality of the product is not compromised
  • Most importantly the product is manufactured in the US
  • Highly comfortable
  • Most of the renowned companies like Buzzfeed and Fast company have reviewed the product
  • Made of skin-friendly material
  • Easily washable whether by hands or in the machine
  • Supports the return policy on certain genuine conditions


  • The product rating should be given on the website
  • Very few details of the product are given
  • It would be much better if the product is explained a bit more
  • Not a one-fit-all solution
  • Kid size sleep pod is not available

Is There Any Return Policy Of Sleep Pods?

The return policy of the company Hugsleep is another highlighting feature to boost the authority of the website.

It’s clearly stated on the FAQ section of the website, “if you would like to return your Sleep Pod, please contact us here. Once we receive your order, a refund will be issued. Please note, shipping cost is not covered or refundable. Missing or stolen packages are not refundable if the mail carrier confirms delivery.”

If the website or the company is encouraging a return policy that definitely means this product is legit.

Customer Reviews

The product has received generous comments from the users and from the very known brand Buzzfeed.

One of the customers has appreciated the product while saying, “Sleep Pod uses the same science behind weighted blankets to help you get a better night’s sleep.”

Another one reported that after an emotional trauma she couldn’t sleep however, the sleep pod made her life easy and fixed the sleeping patterns.

One more potential buyer reported having said, “Sleep Pod is my secret weapon to combat all the sleepless tossing and turning that I’m prone to.”

The product proved to be super comfortable and flexible especially if you want to change your sleeping position frequently.

Thus, one of the customers reviewed, “Normally, I’m a curled-up-and-cozy side sleeper, but I shifted around and was amazed I could comfortably lay flat as a board and still be completely enveloped in the pod without it slipping off my shoulders.”

Final Verdict

It must be clear in your mind that Hug sleep is a legit website due to the authenticity of its website, valid user reviews, and the social accounts of the company on social media platforms.

The product is super flexible, comfortable, skin-friendly, and most importantly washable. The users are quite happy about the fact that this product is washable and does not require extra care.

However, for the best result wash in lukewarm water and tumble dry medium with Sleep Pod flipped inside out. This can help to prevent any possible fabric pilling.

There do exist certain drawbacks of the website mostly that the product rating is missing, scarce info about the product is given and it is not a one-fit-all solution.

If you can compromise on these drawbacks feel free and to use it as these sleeping pods are super reliable and durable.

Feel free to let us know your comments, reviews, suggestions, and ambiguities in the comment section below.

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