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Please read this article to know about the Ios 15 Carplay Not Working and its probable solution.

Are you a tremendous technology lover? Do you love to keep yourself updated with all the new technology-related news? Have you heard about the ios 15 Carplay issues? Then read along this article to know everything.

The users of Carplay in ios 15 in the United States and the United Kingdom have recently found that Ios 15 Carplay Not Working, which has led to various community discussions. But, do not worry as we have researched well and found answers to your query about Ios 15 Carplay. 

What are the new features in Ios 15?

The famous brand Apple has its operating ecosystem. With the new launch of the iPhone 13 series, Apple has also launched the Ios 15 with some new features.

The new ios 15 has a more stable and sensitive camera sensor which enables photography and cinematography within the users’ fingertips. Also, an optimized and a larger battery for all-day work. The new ios 15 also brings ‘share play,’ which enables sharing among ios devices songs and movies in real-time.

Ios 15 Carplay Not Working – What is Carplay?

Nevertheless, with all the new features in the ios 15, there are certain features that Apple has consistently kept without any change. One such is the feature of Carplay.

The Carplay feature has been in existence in the Apple devices since the Ios 12, and it has reportedly come in handy for the users. Carplay is a feature that allows iPhone users to connect to their cars while driving for hands-free calling and other activities. 

Recently, with the newest update of Ios into Ios 15, many users have started facing some issues with their connectivity in the Carplay.

What is the probable reason for Ios 15 Carplay Not Working?

With the newest launch of Ios 15 and subsequent updates into Ios 15 from previous and older versions of Ios, the users are facing connectivity issues into Carplay feature from their Ios devices. The probable reasons for this, according to us, can be the following:

Firstly, there can be a problem with Siri. The Carplay feature uses Siri extensively for connection and user experience, and any trouble with Siri can result in the Carplay issue.

Secondly, the Carplay might have automatically turned off the device as the new Ios 15 cannot detect new connections. And also, this might be due to a system glitch.

How to fix the Carplay issue?

We have some advice that might resolve the Ios 15 Carplay Not Working. These are:

Firstly, try to restart your Apple device. Users can hold the power button for around thirty seconds or suddenly press the volume up or down.

Secondly, try another cable for connection. If this doesn’t work, then try to manually close and connect the Carplay permission. Also, check your Bluetooth connectivity.


Therefore, we can conclude that the issue with Ios 15 not working properly in the Carplay feature might be due to some technical errors or a glitch. First, try to resolve the issue in the ways mentioned above. If the issue of Ios 15 Carplay Not Working still exists, then visit an expert. You can know more about the Ios 15 Carplay Issue.  

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