Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam – Read To Know The Truth!

Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam

Do the free offers of Amazon are making you interested? Check out the write-up as well as recognize if these bargains are genuine or otherwise. is one of the most relied on system on which individuals depend for their buying. In the USA, people love to use Amazon for buying electronic devices and the current modern technology devices.

The portal offers present cards, discount coupons, and cost-free bargains, however lately an air sheathing of Apple is getting a lot of interest from the people. They are obtaining messages on their accounts that they have actually won the cost-free air sheaths of Apple. Seeing this, any person can get delighted for a minute. However all we have to believe Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam?

Who is the target for the rip-off?

Unwary customers are obtaining a message from Amazon which claims to provide totally free Airpod. For people that reveal rate of interest in paying attention to podcasts and also tracks, air vessels is their top priority. So, the business is targeting those teams of individuals. Moreover, cost-free Airpod will certainly make their listening experience better.

A few days back, there was a drawing rip-off reported by the public where they obtained a message from relating to the winning of the drawing. But the team of Better Business Bureau had alerted the public as well as conserved them from the catch.

Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam?

  • The message sent out by is a scam as the link shared in it, when clicked, redirects to the phishing internet sites like various other fraud messages.
  • Deceptive web sites take the source of reliable business like as well as attempt to misguide people.
  • In case you have not entered the raffle or have not recently selected some promo on Amazon, after that receiving such messages is a fraud.
  • If were doing promos and also you won rewards, then your account would have reflected the exact same. However that didn’t happen in Apple’s AirPods.

Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam– The points gone over verified that dubious sources are trying to deceive the customers and also wish to get their personal as well as financial information.

How to prevent these message rip-offs?

Well, we are sharing some crucial points that can assist you in avoiding such rip-off messages.

  • Don’t trust every message you get from the business. No firm sends individual text to the individual until and also unless he/she choose this solution by itself.
  • The fraud sms message usually have the links of a phishing site. Like when it comes to Apple’s Airpod as well as this was the factor that urges individuals to wonder about Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam?
  • Think twice before clicking any kind of suspicious web links.
  • Do not message back to any rip-off messages as fraudsters want to confirm if your number is energetic or not. So, it’s far better to block them.


The fraud sms message have been increased in the pandemic. It’s our obligation to have a look at all the web links very carefully prior to clicking. If you get any type of such sms message, after that report the number to the consumer treatment solution of Amazon Business. In addition, have an examine your account as every reward that you win is presented over there.

By complying with these straightforward guidelines, you can keep yourself far from airpod frauds.

Do we wish we have effectively offered the realities that answer Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam?

What type of rip-off sms message do you receive from the business? Please share your responses in the comment box.

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