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Is Pokeybooster Legit – Know The Truth Inside Here!

Is Pokeybooster Legit

Read this write-up to understand that’s Pokeybooster Legit and to explore an internet site that gives all this to Pokémon fans.

Are you a fanatical fan of Pokémon cards and searching for a site that gives the trade of cards?

You are at the proper spot. during this review blog, we audit an internet site , This website from the us claims to supply a grand collection of Pokémon card games at affordable prices.

Hey, just contain your excitement! it’s best to first review to understand , Is Pokeybooster Legit and therefore the website intimately before heading to form purchases here.

Is a scam?

The digital domain is rife with fraudulent sites which will land you in trouble. an equivalent are often true for Therefore, one should scrutinize the subsequent facts before trusting

  • Domain age- 1 month and at some point .
  • Trust Score- 2%, highly suspicious score.
  • Business rank- 5.7/100, not trustworthy.
  • Website content- Hardly any content available on the web site that one can read apart from product descriptions.
  • No Pokeybooster Reviews is out there for
  • Social media presence- No social media icons on its website.
  • About Us Page- Just 6-line information on the About Us page.
  • Point of contact- Only through email.
  • The information collected thus far does make us question the legitimacy of Therefore, we recommend reading the article till the ultimate verdict.

What is

Doesn’t the name itself explain what Pokeybooster is? is a web portal that seems to be an adventurous platform to trade Pokémon cards. It also features a premium collection of Pokémon Boxes, Pokémon Packs, and other interesting Pokémon products and accessories.

But, the research thus far still doesn’t answer our question, Is Pokeybooster Legit or fake? So, continue reading to get yourself.

The website sells a complete of 25 items under the subsequent categories-

  • Booster box- 14 items.
  • Elite trainer box- 5 items.
  • Collection box- 2 items.
  • Tin- 4 items.

Can you beat it? Out of those 25 items, only two are available immediately under the Tin category? The remaining 23 items are sold out.

According to its website, also offers shipping all across the planet .

No wonder Pokémon gamers worldwide cannot hold their enthusiasm to buy here.

Let us check some specification to understand that’s Pokeybooster Legit or fake.

Specifications of

  • Product category- Exciting Pokémon items.
  • Website URL-
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Mailing Address- Not available.
  • Contact number- Not available.
  • Shipping time- 2 days to five weeks.
  • Shipping fee- Free for orders above $50.
  • Exchanges and Returns- 30 days.
  • Refunds- Applicable with conditions.
  • Mode of payment- Online only through MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.

The best thanks to know Is Pokeybooster Legit or not is thru customer reviews. So continue reading.

Pros of Pokeybooster:

  • Order cancellation is feasible through email within 4 hours of purchase.
  • explains its products elaborately.

Cons of Pokeybooster:

  • The only point of contact is thru their email.
  • The company hides vital information just like the physical address, telephone number , background, and owner of the corporate .
  • offers no refunds on sale items. It also doesn’t buy the shipping cost on returns.
  • The domain creation date of is 19th July 2021, too young an internet site .
  • sells only 25 items.

Pokeybooster Reviews by customers:

In today’s digital era, a real website doesn’t take long to garner customers’ interest. Moreover, if a web portal deals with Pokémon and merchandise associated with this iconic character, then it should be a raging hit.

Sadly, is simply the other . It doesn’t boast one review by customers, nor does it have any social media activity. This clearly indicates that it still doesn’t have any user base.

Shopping at fraudulent sites can lead you to PayPal scams. Therefore, it’s better to safeguard yourself beforehand .

Final verdict on Pokeybooster:

In conclusion of the article, Is Pokeybooster Legit, we strictly advise you to avoid venturing at

The only plus point of this website may be a secure HTTPS protocol. However, it doesn’t guarantee foolproof security.

One must observe caution while shopping at scam sites because it runs the danger of landing in Mastercard scams.

Do you love Pokémon and therefore the wide selection of Pokémon games & cards? we might be delighted if you’ll add more to the present article by adding your comments here.

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