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If you were planning to travel to different parts of the world from Italy via Alitalia, read this article on Ita Airlines Website.

Did you come across the news on 14th October that Alitalia airlines had filed bankruptcy? ITA commenced its operations Worldwide on 15th October by overtaking Alitalia. Now Alitalia is ITA Airlines. Alitalia was a legacy airline originally from Italy. Did you know that ITA has promised to continue the legacy? 

ITA will take products and services of Italian companies only, including vehicles, dresses, renovation, etc. So, let us look at what the Ita Airlines Website has to offer.

What is ITA?

Alitalia has been in existence since 1946. It partnered with Air One in 2009. Air One, at that time, had filed for bankruptcy. Alitalia made several failed attempts to profitize, due to which Etihad airways had ended its support in 2017. It resulted in the Government putting up Alitalia for auction. 

After the Government failed to strike deals with several airline companies and due to the impact of the Covid pandemic, they decided to take Alitalia as Italia Transport, Aerie S.p.A (ITA). Thus, ITA is completely owned by the Ministry of Economic and Finance, Government of Italy.

You can book the tickets on Ita Airlines Website as has ceased its operation.The website gives information about:

  • Booking
  • Check-in
  • Flights
  • Flight information
  • Organize your trip
  • Travel documents
  • Special assistance
  • Children
  • Animals
  • Hand baggage
  • Checked baggage
  • Special baggage
  • Check-in
  • Info online check-in
  • Check-in time limits
  • Priority gates
  • Travel classes
  • In-flight
  • Electronic devices
  • Special meals
  • Entertainment
  • Additional services


  • Phone number – not provided
  • Address – not provided
  • Email Address – not provided
  • Contact person – not provided
  • Owner Contact Details – not provided
  • Website Type – Air ticketing
  • Address of Ita Airlines Website –
  • Privacy policy – mentioned clearly
  • Passenger rights – mentioned clearly including information on Privacy Ita Spa, Conditions Of Carriage, Carrier Liability, Delays And Cancellations, Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • The network – specified about destinations served

Important note:

The European commission had requested that Alitalia should not continue with the brand name as it will give an impression of continuity. Hence,the Government should sell the ground handling, maintenance business and combined aviation individually to a third party. It also suggested that the MilleMiglia program is non-transferable. Hence, the Government must sell slots separately. 

The legitimacy of Ita Airlines Website:

  • Website Age – 21/Nov/2021
  • Website TRUST Score –  68% (Average)
  • Linking to Social Media – not provided.
  • Popularity – 493933 (Medium)
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites – 2/100


There are NO reviews and ratings available for the ITA-Airlines website as it has started selling the air tickets from 15th October.

Final Verdict: is a genuine website. However, as it had started selling tickets recently, several options like customer service are not currently working. Please note that there are several restrictions mentioned above, under which the Ita Airlines Website is operating. Hence, please reinsure on the MilleMiglia program and other services from authorized third-party websites selling ITA tickets.

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