Korean Personal Color Test – Read About Your Color!

Korean Personal Color Test

Are you unable to choose which color dress will match you the most? Review the write-up and recognize the answer.

Do you want to know your skin color? In today’s article, we are going to share details of the Korean Personal Color Test. Worldwide; individuals enjoy to wear dresses according to their skin shade. Skin color plays a substantial role in making a decision the shade which will match your body.

We will see actions that are required to follow to take the test. We will certainly also inform you the advantages of recognizing your individual shade and also what problems are highlighted if you are not aware of it.

What is Personal shade?

Individual shade is the special color which is generally utilized in the apparel industry. It assists us to figure out the shade of clothes and makeup that will certainly add charm to our personality. The testing is based on your eye color, hair color, and complexion.

Korean Personal Color Test is a method to understand your individual shade. We will certainly tell you exactly how to perform it, so continue with your analysis.

By knowing your one-of-a-kind shade you can load your closet with the most effective attire. If you are unaware of your special color, your certain flaws eventually highlight on your skin. This consists of creases, uneven skin color, whereas excellent shade can make you look fresh as well as lovely. In Korea most ladies know their skin color.

How to carry out the Korean Personal Color Test?

  • Look at your wrist and also attempt to understand the color of your blood vessel. Either it would be environment-friendly or blue. Green symbolizes cozy and also blue signifies cool.
  • Currently check which color of lipstick fits you one of the most, peach or pink. You have to use both shades on your lips and also check which side of your skin looks brighter. In case peach shade fits you one of the most, after that it signifies cozy as well as pink suggests cool.
  • Currently examine the shade of the top that looks excellent on you cream color or white? White represents awesome, and cream color stands for warm.
  • Is your hair brownish or black? Due To The Fact That Korean Personal Color Test additionally inspects the hair color to understand your complexion. If your hairs are black, after that your complexion is amazing or else warm.
  • Out of environment-friendly, brown, orange or pink, blue, red, which tint looks brighter on your nails? Brown, eco-friendly, oranges reveal cozy tone.
  • Currently, figure out the color of your skin. Yellow will show cozy, and also pink will show great.
  • The last step is the resolution of the kind of personality. If you are lovely or attractive, then your skin tone is cozy, and if you look innocent, after that your skin tone is amazing.


We have actually shared seven-question which are consisted of in Korean Personal Color Test. By answering them appropriately, you will familiarize your skin tone. As soon as you know it, you can use your complexion to pick hair color, nail paints, and jewelry.

Which shade clothing you enjoy to put on one of the most? Share your views in the comment area.

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