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Ledressay Obituary

The purpose of this article is to inform our readers about Ledresay’s obituary and her life with her family.

Have you heard about the death of Ren Marie Lou Drisy? Canadians are eager to learn more about Mary Ryan Lee Darcy. She was one of the prominent figures in South Saskatchewan, Canada. He devoted his whole life to education, friends and family. People want to know about her life, when she died, and all the details about Ledresay’s obituary. We are here to provide our readers with answers to all their questions through this detailed article.

Ledressay Last Goodbye:

Ren Marie Lou Draisay passed away peacefully on June 13, 2022 with her family. It was full of love and warmth. He valued his family and education all his life. To say goodbye to Renee Marie, her family held her last rites in Saint Cecilia on July 18 at 2 p.m. At seven in the evening on June 17, his family prayed for the peace of his soul at the leader’s funeral home. Her family thanked Sarah Kosovsko, Crystal Spooner, and others for their guidance. Family and friends always remembered and loved her beautiful soul.

About Reine Le Dressy

Ryan Marie Lee Drake was born on March 19, 1926. He was born at Whitewood Hospital and raised on a small farm. He was educated at St. Joseph’s Academy. At the age of 15 he graduated from high school, and in 1942 received a teaching certificate. He studied in Southern Saskatchewan for 9 years. He devoted these six years from 1943-1949 to the education of children. People in L├ędrisai’s obituary said his life revolved around his family, hard work, church, education and sense of humor.


After news of Ledresay’s obituary, people want to know more about her life. Ryan Lee-Dresse has turned down several marriage proposals. Mary Mann, Ryan’s sister, was a friend of Paul Lee Darse, and through him they met. For two years, Paul has been working away at RCAF. On the outside, she was always writing it and finally married on July 19, 1949.

Life Before Ledressay Obituary

Both Ryan and Paul lived in Forgotten 940 Cent for 51 years. She was dedicated to educating her family and others. They complete their happy family with four children. At the age of 57, he received a degree in French Education from the University of Regina. She celebrated many birthdays, funerals, and weddings and was a selfless and tireless worker. It’s good to say that he lived a happy life.

Final Words:

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