Liingo Eyewear Review – Wanna Shop Eye Glasses And Frames At Affordable Prices

Liingo Eyewear is a mediocre level company, operating through an e-commerce platform. They present their products and services in the field of eyeglasses and frames. During a pandemic, they provide a great service to their customers. Let have some look at the services they provide and take a detailed review of a company.

About Liingo Eyewear

It is a mediocre level brand working on an e-commerce platform. They provide their customers with different variety of eyeglasses and many other accessories related to it. They deal with all men, women, and children eyewear. An eyewear product provides sales and coupons rarely. They also have published their app on the google play store to generate a quick prescription detail.

Specifications Of Liingo Eyewear

Customer Reviews

Let make a look at a customer review. As this is an e-commerce business platform products are more likely advertised and sold on social media platforms. It clearly defines that their refund policies are not so good.

Some customers are really very comfortable after purchasing any item from here.

After having a look at hundreds of customer reviews it is sure that they are providing the best quality.

Is Liingo Eyewear Legit

This new brand on the online glasses shop platform stood out totally different than other service providers. As they provide a unique service of the home try-on program for their customers. They give their customer a huge platform for the selection of frames, also offering an exceptional return policy that is easy to apply using only a few clicks. Liingo Eyewear provides us their services on a little bit high rate than other sellers, but they provide us the best return policy of at least 2 months.

Ratings Of Liingo Eyewear

  • Discount policies

Liingo Eyewear normally did not provide any discount offers. They only provide discounted deals for students, seniors, teachers, and military personnel on very special occasions. as two months ago there is no discount deal for anyone but now, they are offering 25% off for seniors.

  • Shipping and Return Policies

At the time of shipping or at return policy period they are very cooperative with their customers. They provide many benefits of shipping to their customers if they make any purchase through their website. They have a very user-friendly return policy process. While these benefits will not remain constant, they will vary according to demand.

Shipping is not done worldwide. Return is not free; we must pay some cost for a return process.

How To Order Glasses

Once you have made your mind to purchase glasses from this platform you have to go throw some phases listed below.

  • For the very first identifies a frame in which you are interested. You must order a home try kit; this helps you to choose more frames that come directly in your cart.
  • After selection of frame, you need to choose the best lens type for it. They offer single-vision lenses which are very beneficial. They also have a multifocal lens but those are a little bit costly starting from 160$.
  • Choose coatings of the lens.
  • When you complete the process of identifying the best frame and choosing lens simply go to your cart add your shipping address and mention the payment method.
  • After checking out, enter your prescription details.

Cost Range

The cost range varies with the quality and variety of a product. A-frame having single-vision lenses has a cost of 69$ while, a frame having a multifocal lens cost 148$. Lens up-gradation has also a different charge.  The addition of Blue light + Dura-seal helps to filter glowing lights.

Payment Methods

Liingo Eyewear only supports the PayPal payment method to place an order of any product. Payment through debit cards, Apple pay, is not acceptable.

Home Try-On Program

The most attractive thing that I have seen in Liingo Eyewear is it’s special Home Try-on Program. They will send all frames in which you are interested to identify which one is best for you and helps to increase personality. Only 12 companies all over the world provide a facility of Home Try-on Program and Liingo is one of these companies.

Let me guide you properly that how to use this service.

  • On the first step you need to select the five frames that you want to try at your home.
  • Enter the address where you want them to deliver your order.
  • Provide your credit card information. (They are restricted for not to charge your payment till you send the frame back to them.)
  • Once they delivered you a kit, they give you 5 days to select your frame and deliver the box back to the company.


  • The best thing about Liingo Eyecare is that they allow the customer to pay from PayPal.
  • They also provide an affiliate marketing strategy. You can simply earn a handsome commission by only referring a new customer to the site. They use skim links, Flex offers, share a sale platform for affiliate marketing.
  • Have a clear social media presence
  • They responses their customer in a very humble way.


  • Does not provide free return policy, you must pay some charges for this service.

Customer Care Service

Liingo eyewear provides a normal customer care service, they are not so perfect at this point. They never offer any gift card to their customers. But they provide a loyalty program offers and discounts to their loyal customers.

Liingo has provided many platforms through which their customers can reach them. They provide there contact no, email address, webpage help services, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest).

Final Recommendation

After complete research, I recommend you buy a product at Liingo eyewear. You must avail of their home try-on program. The rating that I give to this e-0commerce platform is 3.5/5 stars.

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