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Lili Bernard is making headlines due to her lawsuit against Bill Cosby. Due to her lawsuit and claims, people in the United States want to know more about her. So, this post covers the life of Lili Bernard and Lili Bernard Net Worth.

Who is Lili Bernard?

Lili Bernard is a professional visual artist and actress from the United States. She is well known for her paintings, which she has displayed in a number of galleries and organisations. Bernard was born in Cuba and raised in Los Angeles, California. 

She started the BAILA movement to encourage black artists and give them the confidence and bravery to stand up for themselves. She is presently employed with BAILA and previously headed HABLA, a non-profit organisation dedicated to giving black artists new wings. Let us know more about the personal life of Lili Bernard before learning Lili Bernard Net Worth.

About Lili Bernard Personal Life 

Lili was born in Cuba, and soon after, she migrated to America. Lili spent her childhood in Los Angeles, California. She had her primary education in Kindergarten, a government school in New Jersey, as well as the American School in Japan. 

Bernard even went to Cornell University to get her Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Germany. Lili is also a City University of New York graduate. In 2014, Lili received her Master in Fine Arts degree from Otis College of Art and Design.

Now let’s learn about Lili Bernard’s career that helped her build her net worth prior to learning about Lili Bernard Net Worth.

About the Lili Bernard Career 

Shortly after, Lili received her MFA and began working as a published writer and columnist for the Huffington Post. Lili has also appeared in series and films such as The Cosby Show as well as Golden Years. 

She even worked in Off-Broadway plays in New York City and Los Angeles theatres. She is an accomplished actor and artist who is well-known for her outstanding work. 

Throughout her career, she worked tirelessly on behalf of numerous organisations to bridge the gap among black artists, and the rest of the artist world, wherein black people are viewed as inferior and substandard. 

About Lili Bernard Net Worth

Lili Bernard has a net worth of approximately 1 million US dollars. Bernard has earned her fortune from her lucrative visual art career. 

Lili Bernard’s artwork has been shown in a variety of prestigious galleries, exhibits, and institutions all over the world. Her work is centred on the themes of prejudice and trauma.

Lili Bernard’s acting career has also been profitable for her. She has appeared in a number of theatre productions, film and tv shows.


Lili Bernard is a famous visual artist and painter as well as an actress who is very well known for her contribution to remove discrimination in the black community. Visit Lili Bernard IMDb bio page to know more. 

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