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Hey Readers, this blog talks about the 2D fighting game melty blood, which comes in a series. The game is based upon a Novel of visual romance named Tsukihime, which is of type moon.

We have many Nintendo users across the United States and other nations, and those are very excited after knowing that melty Blood is moving forward towards PlayStation 4. But here, you will be accessing a brief idea of particularly Melty Blood Type Lumina Wiki on this page.

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About Melty Blood Type Lumina 

It’s an upcoming remake of the Melty Blood franchise, which aims at following the continuous path of the remake of Tsukihime. The remake was set to be released on 30th September 2021, which was yesterday.

This game can be operated on PC, Nintendo, Xbox One, and play station 4. Similar to the original series, this too is being created by French bread.

Game Characters

The initial game Melty Blood Type Lumina Wiki consist of fourteen playable characters. It’s been heard that a few of the characters which appeared in the original timeline, which got depicted in sub-series, such as Sion Eltnam Atlasia, won’t be displayed in this coming game.

Following are some characters names:

  • Shiki Tohno 
  • Akiha Tohn
  • Arcueid Brunestud 
  • Ciel
  • Miyako Arima
  • Noel
  • Kohaku and Hisui
  • Michael Roa Valdamjong 
  • Volvo Arkhangle
  • Red Arcueid 
  • Saber

These are few character’s name which is going to be displayed in coming remake game of Melty Blood.

Gameplay Of Melty Blood Type Lumina Wiki 

The most gameplay system is carried over from Act games. The exception remains of moon style and guard meter.

Several fresh gameplay systems are introduced 

  •  Rapid Beat
  •  New moon system: Moon Skill and moon drive

Rapid Beat: permits players to carry out combinations along with repeated press on the attacks button.

Moon Skill: It’s a powerful moon play that can easily be unleashed via taking the moon icon located behind the gauge life. This is being added up in the Melty Blood Type Lumina Wiki discussion.

Moon Drive: This is Overdrive/ Roman Cancel/ Chain shift based power which gets activated by using the entire moon icon whenever anyone wants to. It temporarily powers up the moon’s skill and increases the magic circuit along with the number of jumps made. There are various other effects too provided in the moon drive.

Along with the gameplay, the game teaser shows the cinematic animated screen for the super moves too.

The character names of the gameplay have been reverted in English, even for Japanese organic names.


The Melty Blood Type Lumina Wiki is the fifth instalment or remake of the Tsukihime, which is the fighting game Melty blood.  

The new version is soon released on the 30th of September,2021, which was yesterday.

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