Moon Strawberry 2022 – Read To Know All Details Here!

Moon Strawberry 2022

This article provides an in-depth look at the 2022 Strawberry Moon as well as more details on Buck’s Moon timing.

Are you familiar with the fruit-shaped moon you saw recently? Do you know when to watch the 2022 super moon? If not, you’ve found the right article to get all the information. After NASA’s recent statement about the super moon, it has become one of the top news stories in Canada, the US, the UK, India and the Philippines.

In today’s article, we’ll highlight the full description of Moon Strawberry 2022. For more details, follow the blog below.

About Super Moon:

A super moon, also known as a strawberry moon, occurs when the moon is at a 90-degree angle to the closest point to Earth. While it’s rare and spectacular, the last super moon occurred in June 2022. But for those who missed seeing the super moon last month, this is a great chance to catch a glimpse of the super moon. again

Yes, it’s real; the super full moon or lunar strawberry 2022 will happen again on July 13-15, 2022. This full moon is also known as the Stag Moon because it is the time of year when the stag or buck grows its antlers. .

strawberry moon Timing:

The super moon or full moon is so spectacular that those who saw the June Strawberry Moon can see it again on July 13, 2022. According to NASA, this time the Barker Moon can be seen between the 13th and the 15th. July 2022. This time it will last 3 days as Moon Strawberry 2022 starts from Wednesday morning to Friday morning. This will be the brightest moon of the year because the moon will be very close to Earth.

The previous super moon was a strawberry, but this time the super moon was named Stag Moon because the stag grew new antlers. The sight is stunning because it was when the Earth was at aphelion, the point furthest from the sun. If you didn’t get a glimpse of the super full moon, this time you should.

More Details On Moon Strawberry 2022

The last time a super full moon was called the strawberry moon, but this time it was a book moon on Wednesday the 13th at 2:38 p.m. ET. The deer moon comes from when the antlers rise in the stag or deer.

The distance between Earth and Buck’s Moon is approximately 3,57,264 km.


This super full moon event offers stunning lunar vistas. This article comes with all the details.

This post contains all the details about Strawberry Moon 2022 and more details about Book Moon time.

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