Near Geranium Reviews – (Legit Or Scam?) Read This

Near Geranium Reviews

Trying to buy a great gadget online can be frustrating. Either they’re hard to find, or the ordering process is overly complicated (or both!).

We feel your pain. We know how you long to get your hands on all those gadgets – sleek laptops, powerful cameras, that technology you just can’t live without.

At Geranium online gadget store, it stocks all the latest and greatest gadgets.

No matter whether you like tech products or a more traditional approach we will help you find what best suits your needs. Better yet many of our gadgets come with free shipping!

What Is Geranium

Finding exactly what you want for your electronic devices can be challenging and time-consuming.

This is your hobby, right? So why are you spending all your free time trolling through eBay and other sites looking for gadget deals?

Browse through the Geranium online store and go through thousands of gadgets you’ve been dying to get your hands on! Touch it, hold it, play with it … We make it easy to find what you want – fast and hassle-free.

These days, we use electronic gadgets such as calculators, photocopiers, and game consoles to take care of our every need.

Each of these devices is designed and manufactured for a specific purpose, which can make it challenging for the layperson to figure out how to operate any unfamiliar device.

However, you can solve this problem by ordering quality products from

Is Geranium Legit or Not?

Online shopping for gadgets is the trend these days. Buyers are also aware of the fact that online marketplaces are filled with scam websites that can take your credit card details and never deliver your products.

  • The domain of the website is only five months old, created on 2020.11.10.
  • The website is not popular
  • Address on the website is not authentic
  • The domain name of the website is different than the company itself
  • The website’s trust index is disappointedly low at just 1%
  • You will not find verified customer reviews are available off the website
  • A lot of broken links exist


  • Versatile products
  • A unique collection of products
  • Refundable products
  • The website enjoys a valid HTTPS connection
  • Also, features promotional services like Newsletter and email
  • Intrestingly, specifications of the products are also mentioned


  • Fake customer reviews
  • Repeated and copied customer reviews are given
  • Plagiarised content on the website
  • Broken social media links
  • The website is poorly maintained
  • No feedback about the website
  • High pricing even after the discounts

Customer Views About Geranium

There’s a suggestion box, but it only allows positive comments, and there’s a lot of repetition.

Also, if you leave or refresh the page, your comment will be deleted.

Sure, we found some reviews about this product, but they were all paid for. There was no trace of any discussion whatsoever.

Final Words

Let’s cut to the chase: Near Geranium doesn’t seem to be a legitimate website. Our research has found many red flags as mentioned above.

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