Odxsay Reviews – Know The legitimacy Inside Here!

Would you please read this composition to know more about the website, specifications, Odxsay Reviews and its legitimacy?

Are you fervour about shopping a lot? Are you able to find all your necessities on a one-stop platform? Did you go through Odxsay Reviews website earlier while surfing through the internet? If yes, you must read this article to know about its legitimacy.

This portal has its commercial business for all the necessary equipment and clothing. Many people in the United States search for centric shopping. So, is this platform legit and fulfills our requirements? Let’s read more.

Firstly, we will brief you with its basic information.

About Odxsay?

Odxsay is an e-commerce platform that aids the consumer with its aim to be centric. This site is available with pants, jewellery, accessories, boating kit, bond paper, etc. They aim to fill up the life of their customer with color, interest, and simplicity.


Let’s enlighten some specifications to know Is Odxsay Legit.

  • Type of Website– It is an e-commerce site that promises various daily necessities in all genres like pants, jewelry, compass, etc.
  • E-mail ID – [email protected]
  • Website URL – https://www.odxsay.com/
  • Physical Address – 25956, the Camino Rasada. The Moreno Valley, California, 92551, United States
  • Contact Number – ++12052956529 (the similar number are found on many other sites)
  • Products Price – US dollar. Euro, Pound.
  • Product Sorting Options– It is available.
  • Payment Methods –PayPal, visa, Amex, Master card
  • Return Policies and Shipping – Ship within 72hrs will receive 10-12 days, and it’s free in all orders.30 days return policy.  (This policy is vague and needs to rethink and hence needs to go through Odxsay Reviews).
  • T & C (Terms And Conditions) – Mentioned.
  • Social Media Linking – Not available.

Advantages (Pros)

  • The products are briefly explained.
  • All relevant points are comprehended in Terms and conditions.
  • An affiliate program is available on this website which will aid in making money.
  • A comparison of the product in your cart is feasible. 

Disadvantages (Cons)

  • The enabled social media links are not available.
  • They claim that Payment is done using PayPal, master cards, Amex and Visa. However, it is feasible by PayPal.
  • There are no customer reviews available in any of the products, which raises doubt.
  • This website claims that it was established in 2016. But its domain is just six months old.

Is Odxsay Legit 

Would you please read the below particulars to make yourself aware about the genuineness of this platform, which will help you to know the answer about website’s legitimacy. 

  • Domain Age – Created on 12 July 2021, less than six months.
  • Trust Score – 60%, which we can categorized under an “Average Trust Score.”
  • Buyers Reviews – Is not available
  • Availability of social media Link – this website is not linked with the social platform like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. 
  • Validity of E-mail Address – The email address provided is not associated with only this portal. A similar e-mail ID is mentioned on many other websites. Hence, it is a rising doubt in Odxsay Reviews.
  • Content Originality – About us section does not explain anything about the products available on the website. This section seems to be copied from another source.
  • Information of the founder: It is not mentioned.
  • Genuineness Of Contact Address – The address is not unique and dedicated to this website alone. Many other fake websites mention it.
  • The Return and exchange policies-Their policies are difficult to accept by any customer. Because its policies are in favor of this website, it is not realistic hence increasing doubt.

Based on the above investigation, it is obvious that this website is a scam.

Odxsay Reviews 

It was quite obvious that the products on this website is not available on any other platform. None of the customers had given reviews to any of the products on this website. Since they claim they are operating from 2016. From our research, we got to know that it was not true. It is also not possible that no customers had purchased any items from this website.

Quora, Amazon, Trustpilot do not review any of the products on this website. These unrealistic features in this portal are the concern.

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Odxsay Reviews developed doubt in its legitimacy. Therefore, it is an illicit portal that is non-recommendable to customers in the United States.

We can consider that you have prepared yourself to take a wise decision. 

Comment your experience and thoughts below. 

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