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One Piece and Anime

Haven’t there been so many manga series that have been becoming famous Worldwide? Through this particular article on one piece manga series, we would like to tell all the people its details so that they can understand the series better.

It is important for all people to understand that this particular Japanese manga series has become very famous on television. Through this particular article on One Piece 1029 Read, we have come to know that it has a list of 100 volumes.

 What is One Piece?

Shueisha has published this particular one piece Japanese manga series. As far as the author of this particular series is concerned, Eiichiro Oda is the author of this particular series, and the weekly Shonen jump is the magazine where this series gets its mention. Viz media is the English publisher of this particular series.

This particular anime television series started in 1999, and it continues till the present. Through this particular article on One Piece 1029 Read, we have come to know that the United Kingdom and North America give the license to this particular manga series for English language release. 4kids entertainment also gave the license to this anime series for English language release.

This happened in 2004, and in 2007 Funimation got the license. As far as the popularity of this particular manga series is concerned, many people have started watching the series, and they want to have better entertainment because they’re getting interested in the series. There have been more than 490 million copies of one Piece in around 58 countries of the world.

 One Piece 1029 Read

Through this article on one Piece, we can say that this manga series has got popularity because of the successful characters who have done great things in terms of playing their acting roles. This particular best-selling manga series has been in history, and they have also got their prints in best selling comic series in so many volumes.

There is also one more piece of data that this program is among the highest-grossing media franchises, and through this, we can know its worth. Through this particular article on One Piece 1029 Read, we can see that the publication of the manga series has been very widespread throughout the whole world. It is not surprising at all for many people to know that the manga series has now become a very well-known series among various households.


As far as manga series are concerned, we have got to know that One Piece manga series covers over 61 volumes and the genre of manga series is fantasy and adventure. The original run took place on 22 July 1997, but the main thing is about its present time running series.

Through this particular article on One Piece 1029 Read, we can say that this series attracted its audience.

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