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Pricrew Among Us

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Among us game has seen its peak in august 2020 because it became one among the foremost streamed games of last year. Though this game popularity has decreased in 2021, Pricrew Among Us may be a topic of dialogue on social media sites within the us .

Regular player of this space game must remember of Pricrew and its uses, but this text will explain the game’s current status and the way the Picrew website wont to make among us enjoyable.

What is Among Us?

It is a web space game developed by Innersloth within the year 2018. This game was launched on iOS, Android and Windows simultaneously with features like cross-platform play, which allowed Pricrew Among Us to create community across the platform.

The game players are allowed to require one out of two roles; either they will become crew members guiding the spaceship to its mission or take the role of an imposter, causing obstacle within the path of crew members.

Though during its initial release in 2018, it got little attention, the pandemic year proved fruitful for this game because it reached its maximum popularity in October 2020. It also announced the discharge of its sequel in August, which was later cancelled.

Explanation about Pricrew Among Us:

Picrew is an avatar maker website developed by two staff of a Japanese company within the year 2018. because it allows for image and avatar making of a special kind for private use, players of a web game like Among Us use this website to form an avatar of their choice and upload it on their gaming platform.

Slowly most of the merchandise used among us was made available on this website, and it started promoting it by taking the Among Us name. Picrew didn’t allow its image or avatar to be used commercially by anyone, and it’s given explicit instruction for it on its website page.

How is Pricrew Among Us doing in 2021?

The pandemic period allowed the sport to garner maximum traffic as its peak player count increased to 438,584 in September 2020. Its peak player count started decreasing and reached a coffee of 75,133 in February, but the discharge of the airship map in March helped regain a number of its players as its March and April count were 130,000 and 97,580, respectively.

Its May month count is disappointing, with 11,562 average player and 31,595 peak players. there’s much reason for its downfall, from star player leaving it for an additional game to its technical issues.

Final verdict:

Though Pricrew Among Us was one among the foremost popular games of 2020, its performance has deteriorated this year. Star players like PewDiepie and Sykkuno have left the sport for other online games, giving the sport a nasty publicity.

Their much-publicized airship map launch, too, couldn’t hold the players on the platform and can they release a sequel this year to urge their share of the web gaming industry.

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