Review: Best Men’s Fashion Clothing Store Online or Scam? Reviews

These days most men are taking their dressing game more seriously because let’s admit it, your choice of clothes defines how quickly you get noticed. As online shopping is on its peak thanks to the pandemic, we are here with review, which is a popular men’s clothing store in the United States.

Being a man, you should not lack in dressing sense just because dressing up is for girls (so cliché). Dressing smartly has many benefits, such as making an impression at work, impress your friends with your clothing choice, and because dressing good puts you in a positive mood too.

It is time to re-stock your wardrobe a bit and add trendy new clothes to it. So if you are planning to buy from, I suggest you read this review carefully for your own benefit.

What is

Reekindo is an online men clothing store that operates at Now when you open the site, you get pleasantly surprised to see the vast collection of men products ranging from blazers, jackets, T-shirts, shorts to pants, jeans, shoes, wallets, etc. looks like a promising clothing brand that is offering everything at one place at reasonable prices to men who like to make a fashion statement.

The user interface of the is easy to use, and one can easily navigate to different sections. There is no confusion which is a good thing. While we were browsing the website, we didn’t face any difficulty, and everything worked like a charm. is based in the United States, and they deliver across the globe if you have PayPal. People with no PayPal account can face difficulty shopping from

Keeping in mind that offers excellent products at a great price, it is understandable that you may get tempted to add the item to your cart quickly. But stop right there, and read this review before you spend your hard-earned money on this site.

Is it Legit or Scam?

Let’s dig down further and see whether or not is a genuine site? 

As I always mention, the thumb rule for online shopping from any new site is to check whether it’s newly launched or established already? As we doubted, has a new domain and is registered for only one year. That doesn’t sound right!

You will notice that most scam sites give a fake address on their site. In this case, 1655 W Ajo Way # 260, Tucson, AZ 85713 United States, is the address provided by But when we tried to find the address on Google maps, as expected the given address is of a residential area and is not associated with any shop, online site, or business.

Why would a legit site provide a fake address? Sounds fishy, right? Another strange thing about this site is the fact that you can’t buy stuff more than worth $150. Now, why did they put this restriction on customers is beyond me. But it is understandable since we have come across many fraudulent sites like that follow this model.

No legit or genuine store will put a restriction on its customer as every brand wants more revenue from sales.

We noticed that is involved in promoting their business by unethical manners. In promotion, they attract the customer’s attention by selling items at a low price, but when you click on the items, they are not available on the website. Which means they only want traffic and lure customers in. This practice is also apparent in many scam sites.

It is always good to stay cautious while shopping online. is not a secure site as it hasn’t secured its website with Norton or MacAfee, which is usually preferred if you don’t want your sensitive data to be stolen. So shopping from such a site pose a threat to your confidential information too.

And lastly, there is no social media presence of, which is a huge red flag. In the era of digital marketing, having no social media doesn’t make any sense. Also, you can’t find any customer reviews on the website, which is another major red flag. No genuine site will turn its reviews off unless they are providing people with counterfeit goods and don’t want bad reviews.


  • Using PayPal which is a genuine service
  • User-friendly interface
  • Email address and phone number available
  • A vast collection of men apparel and accessories at one-stop
  • Delivers worldwide
  • Good quality stuff at affordable prices from the comfort of your home


  • As mentioned above (check the above section)

Who is the Owner?

I couldn’t find any owner’s information on the website. There is ”Daniel Borkowski” listed as a contact in contact us section, but that’s all about it. No LinkedIn, Facebook, or any contact method is available actually to reach this person.

About Refund and Return policy

They have a period of 30 days for refund or exchange. If you return an item, you will pay the shipping fee from your own pocket. In most cases, the shipping fee is more than actual product price, so that means not only did the company scam you by sending counterfeit products but they will charge you further for their mistake. Talk about pathetic customer service!

So Should I Buy From Reekindo.Com?

Online shopping has its charm, and when people see good deals, they don’t hesitate to buy. But we recommend you to stay away from if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money and receive items that are low quality and not worth the hassle and price.

Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned points discussed in detail, the site is definitely a scam. You will not only receive fake items, but your confidential monetary information can be compromised too because doesn’t use security software for encryption. 

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