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The article is about the major decision of Robert Pittman Judge on the fetal heartbeat law. Read the full news to know in detail.

Are you aware of the recent judgment on the abortion law? If not, we will tell you about the new decision of the judge. But people across the United States are welcoming the decision, especially the women.

Do you want to know about Robert Pittman Judge and what he said in the judgment? Let us read this article to know further in detail.

Who is Robert Pittman?

Robert Lee Pitman, born in 1962, is currently serving as a federal judge in District Court for the western district of Texas. He did his undergraduation from Abilene Christian University and masters in 2011 from the University of Oxford.

Pitman served as a federal magistrate judge for the Western District of Texas from October 2, 2003. He then resigned from the bench on October 2, 2011. Barack Obama nominated Pitman and joined the court in 2014 and presently served here.

What is the abortion law of Texas?

Robert Pittman Judge blocks the fetal heartbeat abortion law. So, before knowing the full news, let us first see what the law is.

Despite a 1973 Supreme Court decision that defined a constitutional right to abortion, a Texas law that prohibits abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy went into effect on September 2021.

Texas legislators approved the Texas Heartbeat Act in May 2021, prohibiting abortions when heart activity is found. It is usually as early as six weeks into a pregnancy or before a woman realizes she is carrying a baby.

Although the Act was challenged in court, no complete hearing was held before September 2021. But now, Robert Pittman Judge ordered to suspend the law on October 6, 2021.

The initial Heartbeat Act thus allows court cases not only against abortion services but also against abortion funding agencies, employers who pay for abortions. In addition, anyone else who violates Act will be responsible for a minimum of $10,000 for each abortion performed plus costs and attorneys’ fees.

It makes the state the most stringent in the country in terms of access to abortion services. Other states, such as Georgia and Mississippi, have enacted “heartbeat” laws prohibiting abortion once cardiac activity is discovered. Still, it has been stalled due to legal objections and is yet to enforce it.

What has Robert Pittman Judge said?

Judge Pitman dismiss the Justice Department’s case challenging the state’s abortion prohibition. He said, “Women have been unfairly barred from taking sense of control in manners that are constitutionally protected since the implementation of S.B. 8.”

He also added that such a restriction has already caused “irreparable harm” to people seeking abortions and will continue to do so. Thus, on Wednesday 6th October 2021, federal Judge Pitman temporarily suspended the most restrictive abortion law in the country.


The battle for the ban of course is not over yet. It is just a beginning and positive step where women’s rights are currently under siege. In a statement, Robert Pittman Judge said, “We will continue to defend constitutional liberties against those who try to destroy them.”

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