Salefashion.Shop Review ( An E-Commerce Store Providing Beautiful Footwear For Men And Women is an e-commerce shoe store providing beautiful and classy footwear for men and women. From high-heels, flat shoes to sneakers, and dress shoes, salefashion seems like a one-stop solution for people with a shoe dilemma.

Salefashion.Shop Reviews

Salefashion.Shop: A Detailed Review

It is often said, ”Good shoes take you Good places” well, we don’t know about that, but one thing is for sure, you need good shoes to feel good.

Imagine dressing up in a stunning attire that looks perfect, but you don’t have great shoes to go with it. That’s just a fashion disaster.

You will be surprised to know how big a role shoes play in making or breaking that first impression. And it’s not only women who need beautiful fancy shoes.

In today’s fashion world, men pay special attention to their shoe game. Stores like offer a wide variety of shoes for both men and women.

Their collection of shoes is stunning. You can opt for any style you like, from high heels to boots to sneakers and formal wear.

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in your desire to buy the best shoes at the best price you need to but take a breather and ask yourself: is legit or scam?

We did some research and came up with a review. If you want to find out the facts about this shoe shop, read on!

Is Salefashion.Shop Legit Or A Scam?

According to the salefashion.Shop website, they are a professional and reliable online shopping center. They are a global online store and works with wholesalers and provide shoes at cheap costs.

But throughout the entire page, there isn’t any mention of what they are selling. The content quality isn’t excellent either. You can tell that it has been written by someone who has no clue about the business or how branding works.

The generic content is not impressive enough to make the looks like a legit store.

Apart from that, there are many telltale signs if you look closely enough to tell you that salefashion.shoe isn’t an authentic shop, and you shouldn’t be wasting your time and money here.

We will discuss all the red flags down below, so keep on reading, shoe lovers!

Who Is The Owner?

People love buying things. But they often want to know a person they are doing business with. Common sense wouldn’t allow you to hand over your money to a person hiding his/her identity, unless there is actually something to hide.

Most scams websites operate on this rule. They don’t provide any information about the owner of the company. is no exception.

We couldn’t find any single mention of who owns or runs the company. Big shoe brands like Adidas, Puma or Nike don’t hesitate to share their identities. They do it eagerly to build a healthy bond with their customers.

Scam stores don’t want to come in light because there is something fishy going on. They don’t want to leak the details about who they are.

What Is The Address?

On their website, there isn’t any clue about the location of We tried to find the place on and found out that it is registered in the US.

However, our best guess is that the site is being run from China and is importing counterfeit goods from there. This is not a new tactic for scam stores.

They claim the products to be original and high quality, but the quality is pathetic when you receive the package.

How Is The Customer Service?

We could’ve answered the question more accurately if there was any way to contact them apart from a registration form.

They also have a free account on Hotmail with a shady email address like [email protected].

Using a free email service for a business account is a big red flag. This shows us that they have no professional standing and aren’t bothered to have a dedicated email account.

There isn’t any phone number to contact, so if you receive counterfeit or wrong size shoes, chances are you are pretty much stuck with them.

All this pretty much sums up their pathetic and non-existent customer service.

How Old Is The Store?

Always remember the golden rule of online shopping, aka no shopping from a store younger than 6 months. was registered on 2020-7-17. It means this online shoe store is not even a month old.

This alone can be a significant scam alert for online shoppers.

Social Media Presence?

Social media is an easy way to know everything about a store if you think of purchasing from them. But to do that, a store must have an online social media presence.

Well, you won’t find any such thing with There aren’t any Facebook or Instagram accounts available, which is pretty weird because, in this digital era, social media presence plays the key factor in business growth.


  • Gorgeous shoe designs
  • Wide variety of men and women footwear
  • Uses https secure connection
  • Affordable prices


  • Recently launched
  • Stolen product images
  • No owner information
  • No genuine information about the company
  • No social media presence
  • No address or phone number mentioned

Customer Reviews

We couldn’t find any customer reviews regarding the salefashion shop. The site is relatively new, so that is understandable, but not finding any related data is alarming for us. We advise you to stay away from this scam shoe store.

Wrap Up doesn’t have any return address. You need to contact their customer service to return a product. They may or may not get back to you, though.

According to our research, is definitely a scam site because it ticks all the wrong boxes. We hope this review will help you in your shoe hunt.

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