Serafine Shop Reviews – (Is It Legit Or Scam?) 3-Stars

Serafine Shop Reviews

This article is an attempt to educate you about a website that deals with many goods and promises to have the lowest prices.

Are you looking for a website analysis that addresses many categories and provides hundreds of options?

Details of the Serafine Shop Reviews are available below. It is an online marketplace that sells different goods and claims that the lowest prices.

This webstore operates from the United States, and in order to validate their order, individuals are searching for legitimacy.

We bring you some details and knowledge about its credibility, which will explain whether it is a stable platform or just a scam?

About Serafine Shop

As already stated, Serafine is a multi-category online web store, ranging from Cellophane, telecommunications to cars and electronics. You can note several tabs providing strong discounts on the items once you visit the page. They claim to supply you with the commodity at less than 50% of the price.

The website provides choices for beauty, food, ships, other boats, mobile phones, shoes, bodybuilding, fitness equipment, toys for babies and children, toy cars, mothers and children, electronics for cars, and items for home improvement.

There are a significant number of the categories that the website provides. Scroll down for Serafine Shop Reviews to disclose the website’s facts.

Specifications Of Serafine Shop

  • Website: As already mentioned, it deals with multiple categories.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 7, Butterfield Street, Thornleigh, NSW 2120.
  • Contact Number: (+61) 492548426
  • Shipping Time: 1-3 business Days.
  • Shipping Cost: No information available.
  • Delivery: 1-7 Business Days, Depends on The Location.
  • Cancellation: Within 24 hours of Order Placement.
  • Returns/Exchange: 30-day Return Policy.
  • Refund: No Information Available.
  • Payment Method: Via Wide Transfer or Money Orders.

These are some of the specifications of the website that a visitor needs to be careful of for a better shopping experience. Scroll down the reviews of the Serafine Shop to show some of its pros and cons.

Is Serafine Shop Legit?

To conclude about the validity of the website, we have researched different factors. For your clarity, we have listed them all below.

Starting from scratch, about eight months ago, the website’s domain was licensed, which seems to be a good sign.

But there are still several competing variables that will make the web unfavourable for clients. On the website, the social media links available are inaccessible and lead nowhere. They also listed a Google Plus tab that was shut down prior to its launch.

Some links and videos are available over the internet for the same thing when talking about Serafine Shop Reviews. They are not in support of the website and marked it as a place of suspicion.

Also, the url of the website leads to a confusing location that seems not to be a commercial property.

Therefore, on the basis of all these facts, we also conclude that it is a dubious website and advise you not to place an order until you are 100% certain of its legitimacy.

Even, under the name of Serafine, we want to explain that Trustpilot has ratings, but it is a separate website. We’re talking about, and there are suggestions for a website for women’s apparel.


  • The website addresses various categories, making it an all-in-one stop for clients.
  • The website provides significant discounts on its items.
  • On the website, they listed all the detailed information about their goods.


  • The links to Social Media listed on the website are not available.
  • The address on the website mentions leads to a residence.
  • A few information about shipping costs and return policies have not been listed by them.

Customer Reviews

We also found some ties to website reviews on the internet. They all reject the validity of the platform and do not mark it as a safe spot.

Some of the other organizations reviewing the website are responsible for these reviews. We haven’t noticed any of them yet when talking about customer feedback, neither on the website nor on the internet.

We can therefore conclude this segment by mentioning that there is no availability of website feedback, thereby rendering the platform questionable.

Wrap Up

As expected, in our article about Serafine Shop Reviews, we have listed all the information of this website. We have tried to cover any detail that a customer wants to know about the website.

We may claim that the website is a suspicious platform based on our testing, and we do not advise you to buy from it.

If you are a client of this website or have missed anything similar, share your thoughts below.

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