Short Stories Led Indoor Planter Reviews – Legit Or Scam?

Short Stories Led Indoor Planter Reviews

Are you a fan of trendy pieces to decorate your room at home? Read this article to learn about one-of-a-kind items that can instantly improve your home’s atmosphere.

Don’t we all love jazzing up our homes with contemporary home accessories? If such state-of-the-art items are curated with stunning designs and imaginative ideas, it’s all the better.

Here is a product available on Short Stories’ online portal, a business selling a range of home and fashion accessories.

Customers all over the world, including Canada, are excited to purchase this product, an indoor LED planter.

Would you like to read more about a special planter?

About Short Stories LED Indoor Planter

One of those home accessories that will add instant spark to your living areas is the Short Stories LED indoor planter.

This cute decorative piece is made of natural and authentic materials and naturally embellishes your home/office.

For any corner of your home, the LED indoor planter seems to be an ideal adornment.

A planter, a USB power cable, and an adapter are supplied for the planter. It is simple to assemble as well.

But, is the investment in the product worth it? LED Indoor Planter Legit for Short Stories?

In the course of the post, let us discover all this.

How to use the Planter?

  • Assemble the device by reading the Instructions for Assembly.
  • As per the instructions, add the potting soil, seeds/seedlings/plans for plants.
  • Next, insert the USB plug into the power port of the Universal USB Adapter/USB. The production lights will turn on the unit.
  • Pressing the power button on the power cord would turn on the Multi-Spectrum LED lights.
  • Switch the power button off to switch off the lights.
  • When they are taller than the Light Panel, you can trim, take care of, or transplant plants as you wish.

You can also watch a video of how to use this LED indoor planter on Facebook at FabFitFun.

All this makes the product quite irresistible.

We still recommend you stay put until our Short Stories LED Indoor Planter Reviews’ final verdict and then decide to purchase the product.

Specifications Of Short Stories Led Indoor Planter

Is Short Stories Led Indoor Planter Legit?

On the Short Stories website, the product does not have any reviews.

But, there are several reviews of LED Indoor Planter Short Stories online. Although the reviews are mixed, this verifies the product’s authenticity.

There is, however, uncertainty about the argument of the manufacturers on the LED planter.

The product comes with faux sunshine, suggested by the maker to place it near a window. And why so? It defeats the goal of an indoor light box.

By reading the following customer feedback, we can finally evaluate the product.


  • This product represents the personal aesthetics of your style.
  • It is a great add-on with minimal light for small spaces.
  • Comes with the faux light of day.


  • The product is a little pricey.
  • It is a small planter for small spaces only, not recommended for large rooms.

Customer’s Reviews

Facebook clients are very upbeat about this home embellishment.

The planter is great for starting a small herb garden, some clients say.

A few complain that there is a fragile USB terminal on the planter.

Some clients are frustrated that in the timeframe mentioned in the packets, the plant has not germinated.

Read this article to explore the conclusion of LED Indoor Planter Reviews for Short Stories.

Wrap Up

All in all, the Short Stories LED Indoor Planteron negative reviews to outweigh the positive ones.

We conclude our review by recommending that you not buy this item. It is a waste of money, it seems.

However, if you’re still interested, if you buy it from Short Stories, you always have 30 days to return your order.

What do you say about our LED Indoor Planter Reviews for Short Stories? Would you like something more to add?

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