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Sisi Streamer Among Us

The write-up shares information concerning the well-known streamer who passed away as a result of COVID-19.

Twitch banners paid their last homage to the prominent Sisi Streamer Among Us, that passed away on 13th March 2021 due to COVID-19. She has been battling with the lethal infection for greater than a month. She took her last take a breath on the morning of 13th March.

Her kid validated her death information on social media sites, and the whole streaming community has been grieving and also paying their homage to the left spirit online.

The Amongst United States streamer was from Spain, and she has significant fan followers on her jerk account. Aside from Among Us, she also streamed various video games, consisting of Rust and Grand Theft Automobile.

Who Was Sisi Streamer Among Us?

Sisi or Sisinono was a 45-year-old Among Us streamer that is obtaining fairly preferred online after her death information flowed on social media sites. Sisi banner is from Spain, and also she was a preferred banner in the Twitch community.

Sisi created her account on the Twitch system on 17th July 2019, and she immediately got branded together on the online forum. She was understood for streaming the popular social deduction game Among United States, Corrosion, and also Grand Burglary automobile.

In spite of being a popular figure in the streaming neighborhood, there is no information on Wikipedia, and thus we found very little details about the banner online. The recently streamed groups of this streamer on Twitch are Phasmophobia as well as Visage.

Sisi Streamer Among Us was additionally known for streaming conversation video clips. If you want discovering more about the banner, please follow her Twitch account and also examine the Twitch Tracker.

What Induced Her to Fatality?

As confirmed by her child on social media, she passed away as a result of COVID-19, and also she fought till her dying breath until beat by the infection after one month of challenging combat. The streamer was identified with the deadly virus a month ago.

Her child, Ruben, exposed the death information of the banner by means of a Twitter blog post. The Twitter blog post reveals that the Sisi Streamer Among Usfought with the harmful virus for a month with all her strength, and finally, she lost her life. On 13th March 2021, she lastly died, leaving behind her family as well as beloved kid.

In the message, her son additionally asked for the banner neighborhood and others to stay clear of making any type of video related to her mommy’s fatality to respect her family members. He likewise pointed out that he would certainly not like his more youthful brother to learn more about the matter using online videos.

Who Verified the Fatality Information and also Individuals’s Reaction?

As stated, the boy of the Sisi Streamer Among Us exposed that her mama as well as popular Amongst United States streamer passed away on 13th March 2021, leaving great deals of sweet memories. It is validated that she passed away as a result of COVID-19.

After the news began distributing online, the streaming neighborhood and also her followers started paying their homage to the departed soul. They handled social media and also paid their homage to the banner with different memes and also online posts.


Sisinono or Sisi was the popular streamer on Twitch with over 3.6 K followers and 34.5 K subscribers on the YouTube channel. She was known for streaming different classifications of games and also conversation video clips.

However, after battling with the harmful virus, she ended on 13th March 2021, leaving the whole streaming area.

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